Friday, November 30, 2007

A day of visitations and not so good news

The day started with some kariah from Masjid Mujahiddeen dropped by, to check on an old friend. They chatted for a bit. Later Dato' Junid came over again, after he heard Abah was readmitted in CICU.
Left: A concerned second visit of a 'zippers' survivor
Some of my mother's friends also called on her to give much appreciated moral support.

Then Aishah assisted SRN Malar A/P Supramani to dress my father's chest wound, after it oozes again a little. The young girl was eager to learn and experience new things.
Right: Aishah assisting SRN Malar

Just before noon, two of my father's former MARA colleagues called, after they heard on this surgery. Former Director General Dato' Mohd. Ridzuan Abdul Halim and former Director Dato' Abu Bakar Mohamed brought cheer to a contemporary, in his trying times.
Left: From right, Dato' Ridzuan and Dato' Bakar sharing a light moment
In the evening, another MARA contemporary, Ramli Arshad came with his wife, Fatimah.

Then it was about physiotherapy, again. Today was two sessions. The one in the evening, I arrived with Aishah and my niece Alia, after buying some oranges at SS 2. Dr. Daud wanted my father to improve on his potassium level, after few days of diuretics.
Right: My brother Najib 'cycling' with him at Rehab
During the second physiotherapy, Aishah developed sharp aches in the middle abdominal area. So I took her to the Accident and Emergency Department, to see a medical officer. She was diagnosed with mild heartburn or reflux and given magnesium milk for remedy. In half an hour, she was walking again.

I arrived back at the suite to find Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang doing his visits. He was discussing with Abah about his post recovery surgery. Apparently, the formation of the cage ribs was not so good, probably due to the intense coughing earlier in the week. Tan Sri Mr. Yahya might consider to remedy the situation by strengthening the stenum walls. That, will have to be decided sometime during the weekend. Otherwise, as the cardiothoracic surgeon explained, Abah might take longer time to heal.
Left: Tan Sri Mr. Yahya explaining the formation of the ribs together, post surgery
That changed my father's optimistic mood immediately. His upset can clearly be visible. His interests in food also affected. After dinner, he remained quiet for the rest of the evening, until we left at 10.00pm.

Looks like, he might be around DSH a little longer than he would preferred.

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Razak Bin Ramli said...

Tan Sri Yahya Awang bedah jantung saya pada 11/07/2001.replecement mitral and Aoatic valve.