Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Discovering Perth

Today, we spent the whole day shopping, again. Mak needed to go back to Harbour Town factory outlet mall, which is the west end edge of Perth city. We spent afew hours there. Of course, the more time we spent shopping, the more things we buy.

Right: Harbour Town mall main street

Girl-Girl also had her first doner kebab today. Whilst waiting for the missus and Mak to finish their rounds, I took Girl-Girl for Adidas t-shirt shopping. Then we had more time to spare. So we parked ourselves in a west Asian cafe. So she had her first kebab, after she found mine rather "interesting".

Left: Biting into her first kebab

Later, she and Abah went for a walk along Swan river, which is a stone's throw from our apartment. They found it to be exhalirating and utterly refreshing. They walked along the banks till the causeway that link Perth to Victoria Park. It also mean they were at the banks across from Burswood Entertainment Complex, where we were on Saturday.

Right: The river of Swan river

Girl-Girl had a new discovery. Today, the first time in her life, she climbed a tree.

Left: On a tree for the first time

She is the person who had the most fun in this trip.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Experiencing main street shopping of Perth

Today, I decided to take my parents to go shopping in main street Perth. They have already experienced suburban shopping on Saturday. So today, I decided to take them to Hay St. and Murray St. high street shopping, via the London Court arcade.

Right: The London Court arcade

The Christmas shopping has already started.

Left: Murray St., in front of the Forest Centre

Then slowly, we walked my parents to Hay St., then cut across David Jones departmental store to Murray St. Since it was a Monday, there was not many people in the mall between the these streets. It was a pleasant walk, although the sun was far to bright for Mak.

Right: Harbour Town factory outlet entrance

Our shopping trip ended at Harbour Town factory outlet, at the far end of the city on Wellington St.

Visiting Fremantle and west of Perth

It was a typical lazy summer Sunday in Perth. I decided to take my parents, for a drive to Fremantle and experience the market there. So after a hearty breakfast, we waddle along Canning Highway towards south east coastal city of Fremantle.

Right: The colours in E Shed

Left: Fremantle, in front of the market

Our first stop was E Shed Market, on Victoria Quay, Fremantle. We got tons of souvenirs from a merchant, who is actually an Indonesian. Then a short stop at the Freemantle Maritime Museum. There is a former HMAN world war II submarine on display.

Then it was the Fremantle Market. It is an important attraction to Perth. It has been in operation since 1897. We saw some baskers, doing some street entertaining. Then it was lunch. A trip to Fremantle would be a complete failure without having fish and chips meal on the jetty, across from the Esplanade. And we did just that.

Right: Overlooking Mosman Bay (Note Perth skyscrapers in the right horizon)

Then, on the way back, we took the Stirling Highway. We passed Mosman Park. So we decided to drive around the posh area, to first hand feel what was the hype was all about. It was an amazing experience. The view was breadth taking and words were not made to describe the feeling of being there, on Bayview Street, overlooking Mosman Bay.

Left: Overlooking the cliff from Bayview Stt. Park, on top of Mosman Bay

Some people are so lucky to be able to afford homes in this area.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mak's surprise birthday bash @ 33,000 feet

The surprise of MH 125

Today is Mak's 68th birthday. Today also we took her to Perth, for a holiday. This morning, by 730am, we checked in onto MH 125 departing at 940am. So we did not have time to do anything for her.

Right: A stewardess presenting to Mak, her birtday card

Left: The two IFS on board

At KLIA, I was trotting about looking for a birtdhday cake and candle, but non avail. Upon checked in, I was introduced to a Malaysia Airlines executive, who is doing an audit on the flight. I sound it out to him that it was Mak's birthday and he said, he will do the best he can.

Right: The IFS for the flight MH 125

There it was. At 33,000 feet somewhere over Java and northern coast of continent Australia, Mr Sagadevan, along with the IFS for the
flight Lazri Gunasegaran and a few of the stewardess, called on Mak, wished her "Happy Birthday", sang to her and presented a lovely adhoc birthday card. There even were desserts, as makeshitft birthday cake (minus the candles!).

Considering they had limited resources onboard, their creativity, innovation and resourcefulness should be admired.

Left: The smile tells it all!

She smiled instantly. Now after eight hours, she is still smiling!

To the crew of MH125 today, thank you! You guys really live up to the Malaysia Airlines campaign, "Malaysian Hospitality".