Saturday, November 24, 2007

Abah is now back to the wards

This morning, I arrived just after Abah had his full breakfast again. On top of the usual hospital kitchen prepared first meal of the day, my sister made him some half-boiled eggs. He was palpitating a bit. My mother said he just had some coughing and that raised the pulse and blood pressure.

Dato' Dr. V. Kathiresan arrived shortly after me. As he reviewed my father, he said that my father had no asthma, nor odoema (water in the lungs), although you can hear him 'wheez'. The 'wheezing' sound is from the phelgm in the throat and upper track. He also explained that my father's heart rate is a bit erratic since the surgery, he was not given his usual heart medication like Cozaar. He assured, no need to worry. As soon as the pulse go below hundred (it was one hundred fifty five as at 8.00am), he'd let my father go back to the wards to recuperate further.

Moments later, three of his mosque kariah and friends very close to him in the neighbourhood, arrived to call on an ill friend. Hj. Aris, Hj. Rahmat and Hj. Khalil brought cheer to my father. They chatted for a bit. These men organised the special prayers held at Al Mujahiddeen Mosque two nights ago. It was very clear relieve shown in their faces.
Left: Visiting fellow mosque kariah

Soon Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang also popped by. He said my father should be going back to the wards and everyone was happy about that. Hence, the SRN in the CICU bathed and shampooed him and he had the first non-OT clothes in more than 72 hours. That cheered him.
Right: Tan Sri Mr. Yahya and Dato' Dr. Kathiresan on a joint review on the case

Then the physiotheraphist came and he did the exercises. It was good for him and he was very inspired to regain his life. Then the transfer came. He was so zestful to go back to the wards that he actually wanted to walk to his suite. Of course he was not allowed to, even though he used "Tun Dr. Mahathir walked after his by-pass to his suite" excuse.
Left: Leaving the CICU, for all the right and good reasons

My father left the Cardiac ICU for his suite with a lot of relieve and gratefulness. 78 hours earlier, he was wheeled down this long corridor for a venture once in a life time. Now he is being wheeled, with a new lease of life.
Right: Retracing the path which brought betterment

In the wards, his long time friend and survivor of the coronary by-pass Dato' Junid Yusof and Datin Che' Yah came to call on him. That also cheered him.
Left: Former KGNS Vice President Dato' Junid Yusof visiting a friend of 40 years

In the middle of exchaging notes, his cardiologist, Dr. Mohd. Daud Sulaiman popped by for the first time since his admission on Monday. He was away on leave, to do humanitarian and missionary work in downtrodden interiors of Indonesia. It was relieved to see him now taking charge of my father's post surgery.
Right: In the care of the arms of a friend

My aunty and her husband, who specially came to KL from Johor Bahru just to be with my father, also popped by again, for the day. They have been around the wards since Tuesday evening, often twice daily.
Left: Three ex-golfers, who are also survivors of coronary by-pass and angioplasty, sharing points


ewoon said...

Praise be to God Almighty!

Wishing your dad a swift recovery and may God continue to bless him. Thank you God.

Zakhir's Zoo said...


Thanks. really appreciate that. May God bless all of us and God speed.