Thursday, November 22, 2007

Abah is off the breathing machine

This morning, Dato' Dr. V. Kathiresan came to review my father at the Cardiac ICU at 8.00am. He was satisfied with his progress and instructed that the breathing machine been turned of and my father will be breathing on his own capacity. Apparently the decision to transfuse platelet the night before was a good one, as there was much lesser 'oozing' from the wound.
Left: Reviewing vitals, prior before the breathing machine turned off

That decision was anticipated earlier, because as of 6.00am, they stopped giving him the regular sedative. Being awake, will make him more alert and thus breathe better. Of course he was very happy with the progress.
Right: After the breathing machine turned off and he started to breathe on his own

The moment he was on oxygen mask, the first thing he uttered "Mak....". So I rushed to call my mother, who was reciting some Quranic verses in the suite. Her eyes teared a little, to see this rapid progression, from what seemed to be a risky surgery to most of us.
Left: Smiles and thumbs up!

An hour later, he was allowed to have sips of water and by lunch, my sister was spoon-feeding him some porridge. Of course he had only three spoonfuls. I started to call and text message families, friends and even relatives abroad of this new development. Kind words and messages of support started to pour in.

Thank everyone, for the support and love shown in our moment of stress.

Later, when my daughter and wife was over to visit him, he started to talk a little. He held her hands, for quite a bit. I guess, that was very soothing, for booth of them. Looking at him today, in his much better state was more acceptable to her. He seemed a bit traumatised, when he saw him in his state, still struggling with the help of the breathing machine, early afternoon yesterday.
Left: Holding hands and comforting each other

He started to cough and able to spit out some phlegm, something was expected and the anaesthethists explained pre-surgery that smokers are likely to experience the coughing. In the afternoon, the physiotherapists came over to help him do some breathing and light exercises. He was made to move his arm and legs a little.
Right: Making him sit upright

When my aunties popped by in the evening, he talked a little bit more. He is now more comfortable and all the visitations cheered him. Even my cousin, who arrived from Singapore for the 2nd time two days, was present, with his girlfriend.
Left: A very concerned and supportive sister and brother-in-law
Later when Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang did his ward rounds, he told us mostly my father will be allowed to go back to the wards, by noon tomorrow.

Left: A concerned nephew's zecond trip from Singapore (this time with girlfriend) in 2 days

At night, just before we wanted to leave for home (after dinner), my wife and daughter popped by to see him again. He called for her with his hand and when they approached him closely, he asked who is around and complained of headache. She quickly told the SRN in charge and ran for me. I rushed from the suite and when I arrived, he said the pain was disturbing him. I explained to him that its one the effects of having morphine (as per told to me Dato' Dr. Kathiresan earlier). He was given Panadeine, to relieve the pain. When my mother and sister arrived, they applied some mentholated ointment, to make him feel better. The gentle scrub over the forehead was a good theraphy for him and he actually fell asleep.

We left shortly after that. Again, thanks for the support.



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