Sunday, November 25, 2007

'Picnic' in fourth floor ward

The day started with me, waking up and first mission is to deliver homecooked nasi lemak to my father' suite, for the 'occupants' and 'permanent' features there. Even before I left home at 7.45am, my sister called to ask me to get some Starbucks coffee and croissants for Abah. "Where am I going to get gourmet coffee and croissants, at 8.00am, on a Sunday????" I asked myself.

So instead, I got some teh tarik.

Soon after I arrived, Dr. Daud made his ward rounds. He was happy with my father's progress, despite that there are times last night, my father coughed profusely. Of course, that came with a lot of discomfort and pain. He also asked my father to 'inhale' on the apparatus (issued by the rehabilitation department), to see my father's progress on his ability to breathe. He explained that my father's heart and lungs were totally shut down during the surgery and it will take time and exercise to bring it back to its previous ability.

We also took time to ask about his own ailing mother. Then we started talking about his involvement with humanitarian work, abroad. Since he had time to spare, he sat and shared some of his stories and experiences. It started with Afghanistan since 2001. Then the Tsunami in Aceh, North Sumatra, December 2004. Followed by the North Pakistan earthquake in 2005. Then the earthquake in Java and war stricken Lebanon, 2006. Every year, he will make time from his busy schedule, for these humanitarian work. He also explained how his organisation is also involved with education and economic programs, such as providing education for unfortunate children and dishing out micro loans for single mothers, in the interior of Indonesia and Pakistan. It was indeed an eye-opening session, for the plight of so many unfortunate and destitute people, especially orphans.

Then came along his childhood friend from Muo, Hj. Hassanudin Ghaffar. Hj. Hassan organised a special prayer session for him at his privately funded mosque, in Pinggiran Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. Both are so glad to have met again, in great spirit after the successful surgery. Being a community leader, who have seen it all, Uncle Hassan gave Abah a lot of tips how to recuperate and bring his strength and energy level up.

About lunch time, my cousin Datuk Dr. Mahmood A. Kadir, who was away on business trip when Abah had his surgery on Wednesday, called to see his only surviving uncle. Abang Mahmood was just being himself, always there when his support is needed most. Then another Abah's childhood buddy from Muo, Dato' Ahmad Adam and Datin Faridah dropped by. Our families been as close friends, for a very long time. Datin Faridah's father, former UMNO Permanent Chairman Allahyarham Tun Sulaiman Ninam Shah and my late grandfather were in the nationalist party, as comrades since the 1940s. All were invited to have lunch with Abah and Mak.

Its good to see his appetite improved. Tan Sri Mr. Yahya allowed him to have anything as he wishes for the first month, so that his energy level is improved. Then onwards, he will be regimented to a diet program.

At elevenish, I was asked to get the famous 'Arab Street' "Murtabak Singapura, Tulang Steak and Mee Goreng Mamak" from Victory of USJ. So everyone feasted, especially the children. They too had loads of fun. Both, were in constant 'competition' of each other, in almost everything. I guess, the antics of these two girls brought joy to Abah, which in a way helped his recuperation.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

big bro,

i could be mistaken for a different datuk mahmood but is he one of the higher people at mardec, and the beloved hubby of datin teh zaiton?

Zakhir's Zoo said...

Yes, that is the same guy; Datuk Dr. Mahmood Abdul Kadir, CEO of MARDEC Bhd. and husband to Datin Teh Zaiton, of Taiping, Perak.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

awesome man. now we're getting somewhere. that wonderful cousin of yours and his dear wifey are one of the bestest buddies of my parents. uncle mod and aunty teh were by my hospital bedside, as well as mom's spiritually back then when i was knocked down and injured my spine in the process. you were spot-on, its just a nature in him for being extremely supportive and definitely a friend to-die-for!

Zakhir's Zoo said...


Indeed, they are. They are the type of people, who'd showed up at my parents' place in the afternoon of first Hari Raya, every year. They discharge their unconditional family social-obligations really well.

Good for you to have friends like them.