Saturday, November 17, 2007

My father scheduled for coronary by-pass surgery

Ever since the IJN cardiologists aborted the angioplasty originally scheduled on Monday evening, my father was in a state of limbo. He was recommended that a coronary by-pass been done instead and he is not to wait to long to decide and get it done.

Dr. Bala, recommended a few top notch cardiothoracic surgeon in IJN for my father to consider. On Wednesday morning, he went back to the Damansara Specialists Hospital (DSH) cardiologist, Dr. Mohd. Daud Sulaiman, the one who did an angiogram on him in August and recommended him to go for angioplasty. Dr. Daud explained that why the cardiologists in IJN decided to abort the angioplasty on Monday evening. Apparently, one of the blockages was at an artery which is major junction on the left heart. The risk of angioplasty is very high there. Any puncture during the 'balooning', could result fatality and the patient may not have enough time or opportunity to recover from the puncture.

Dr. Daud, who is also a friend from school, decided to bring the case to the eminent cardiothoracic surgeon, Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang.

Yesterday evening, I brought my parents and darling daughter to have consultation with Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang at his office in DSH. The undoubtedly the most experienced cardiothoracic surgeon in country explained in very simple terms that why a coronary by-pass is the way to slove my father's multiple blockages.

It could take him upto four arteries to a by-pass surgery, in the range of 4 1/2 to 5 hours. Indeed, he was very confident and optimistic of the success of the surgery. We asked about the risk, he confidently but calmly say its in the neighbourhood of 1%.

That gave my parents, especially father a lot of comfort. Coupled with the anaesthetists will be Dato' Dr. Kathiresan, an IJN veteran who came with him to set up DSH's Heart Centre and the profutionists, Mr Au, who will be manning the heart-lung machine is also a veteran in the business, provided my father a high degree of confidence.

So the surgery is set for Friday morning, seven days away. On the way home, I told my parents that now its time for us to tawakkal. God will help my father, through Tan Sri Mr. Yahya and his team. Its time for faith. Faith in God al Mighty. Faith in the skills and experience of Tan Sri Mr. Yahya and his team. Faith is ourselves, to make the right decision and stand by that.



ewoon said...

my prayers will be for your dad to be in safe hands and a speedy recovery.

God bless him exceedingly.

Zakhir's Zoo said...


Thanks. I appreciate it.