Monday, November 19, 2007

Coronary by-pass surgery brought forward!

It all started on Saturday night. I had an earlier invitation to attend blogger Dato' Kamal Amir's "Malam Puisi", organised by PRIMA and held at his home in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. However my father wanted to have some 'steamboat' for dinner, since my brother who lives in Gombak was over for the weekend.

I was compelled to attend the dinner at his favourite Chinese restaurant, "The Eagle's Nest" at Kelab Golf Negara Subang. We have been having Chinese dinners there since the seventies. There we were feasting into an array of raw meat and vegetables, dipped into boiling hot chicken and vegetable broth, with some garlic-chilly and 'hoisin' condiments to complement.

As soon as the meal ended, I quickly excused myself (skipping the mixed fruits desert) and waddle along to TTDI. Little that I know, my father started to have chest pains later after the meal.

It was a usual 'busy' Sunday for me. My mother in-law was in town and you can guess where the wifey and Rabbit were focused on. I had four meetings, back-to-back, that Sunday afternoon and evening. The last one ended at three thirty, early this morning. In my absence, my father's chest-pain persisted and progressed.

This morning, I was made aware of my father's condition. I call his cardiologist's office at Damansara Specialist Hospital for an appointment. Dr. Daud apparently was in Indonesia for a conference. Neither was Tan Sri Mr. Yahya (for the day). My father has been taking three GTN pills since yesterday and his pain and discomfort is much lesser. However, I still insist that we consult a cardiologist. Reluctantly, he went along.

There we were at Dr. M. Tamil Selvan's office by noon. There were some people already there, with prior appointments and so we waited. At 2.30, we sat infront of him. He reviewed the complains and symptoms, the case notes and angiogram photos and CDs. Soft spokenly, he told my father that we should wait any further and do the by-pass surgery as soon as we can; perhaps as early as tomorrow's evening.

That probably hit him like a British Rail intercity! Getting psyched up for the surgery on Friday is one thing, BUT TOMORROW????

He said he will talk to Tan Sri and he did. Tan Sri agreed and they needed to find a suitable slot for the procedure. In time being, he was admitted instantly at the Cardiac High Dependency Unit at the Heart Centre floor, for observation.
Left: Childhood buddy Hj. Faird visiting him at the Cardiac High Dependency Unit

So the family was geared to make the necessary adjustments to accomodate this new schedule. My aunty is driving down from Johor Bahru tomorrow afternoon. When Tan Sri Mr. Yahya saw him later in the evening, most likely the surgery will take place on Wednesday afternoon. This evening, his childhood friend Hj. Mohd. Farid and wife, Hjh. Maznah, popped by to show support. That cheered him up. Some of the kariah friends also stopped by.

I will update if I have more.


The Ancient Mariner said...

BD, my prayers and best wishes for a successful surgery.

Zakhir's Zoo said...


Thanks. I appreciate it.