Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Second day in second CICU session

I arrived at my father's bed in the CICU, only to find that he was moved into the private room within the closely monitored ward. My mother and wife was giving him breakfast. Soon, my wife left for work.

Dr. Daud came and reviewed his case and he was happy that there was no more oozes from the chest wound. Later Tan Sri Mr. Yahya came to visit this patient, just before he went in to do a coronary by-pass surgery on a man from Johor Bahru. He too was satisfied but insist my father be observed further.

I went to the suite and got my darling daughter Aishah to get dress and accompany to do some errants. Whilst running for errands, my cousin called as he dropped in to check on my father. He was on his way to Kuala Terengganu, in preparation of the Moonsoon Cup '07. He came to visit, all the way from Singapore twice last week. When we arrived back at the hospital, it was at almost lunch time. So Aishah and my mother fed my father. Since his cough got worse, his zest for food was no longer as it was a few days earlier.

Right: Aishah helping Atuk when he was coughing
She did rather brilliantly, for an eleven year old girl, in helping out to make my father more comfortable during these past ten days. At times, she'd be in the CICU just to accompany him and make sure he is assisted, when ever required, especially when one of those profuse cough attacks.

Left: Dr. Daud sharing his humanitarian efforts experience in Indonesia to Hj. Hassan
A little after six, an old chum from Muo, Hj. Hassanudin dropped in again, especially after I text message him and a few other close personalities to Abah. Again, we are most appreciative of his support and thoughtfulness. In the midst of the visit, Dr. Daud did his evening rounds. He just finished an angiogram case in the Cardio Vascular Lab, which is adjacent to the CICU. Apparently, Dr. Daud has heard of Hj. Hassanuddin, as he is a known community leader amongst the Muslim within Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. Dr. Daud also trained Hj. Hassanuddin's son, Dr. Haizan when he was a junior physician. Now Dr. Haizan is a endoscopic physician in HUKM, Cheras.

Moments later, Hj. Hassanuddin excused himself and in the middle of the usual chats with Dr. Daud, cardiothoracic anaesthetists Dato' Dr. V. Kathiresan and stand-in-cardiologist for Dr. Daud, Dr. Tamil Selvan (who admitted my father on 19 November when Dr. Daud was away in Indonesia) popped in to see how he was getting along. The smiles carved on the faces of these gentlemen, including the patient says it all.
Right: From left, Dr. Tamil Selvan, Dato' Dr. Kathiresan and Dr. Daud
Again, we are so glad that that Abah made the decision to have his coronary by-pass here at Damansara Specialists Hospital, where is being cared and treated amongst 'friends'. That is so comforting and made the process of healing and recuperating much better.

In the evening, my cousin Datuk Dr. Mahmood A. Kadir and his wife, dropped in for a visit. They have been closely following my father's progress, even though he was out of town during the first few days of the surgery. He shared some of the experiences of friends, colleagues and close associates in having their coronary by-pass. Their visit definitely brought my father lots of joy.
Left: Datuk Dr. Mahmood and Datin Teh
On the way out, they bumped into Tan Sri Mr. Yahya, who came and do his rounds for the night. He promised to review my father's case in the morning and if there is no fresh oozes in the wound, he'd allow Abah back to his suite.


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