Saturday, November 10, 2007

My friends walked again

My blogger friends did the walk again earlier today. They assembled at the National Press Club (NPC) at Jalan Tangsi and moved towards Dataran Merdeka, passed the FRU lines.

Left: All-Blogs President Ahirudin "Rocky" Attan

It was a very wet afternoon to have a "stroll-in-the-park", as Rocky put it. But they went anyway and from the looks on their faces in these photos, they had fun. Most of them wore yellow (with the exception of Stephen Francis).

Right: Stephen Francis with his usual grin at the wet Dataran Merdeka

I was happy none of them were affected by the trouble which happened at Jalan Tun Perak (infront of Masjid Jame') and Jalan Raja Laut, which was reported by TV3. Al Jazeera had the better footage.

Right: Capt. Yusof Ahmad (in orange t-shirt)

Later, they re-grouped at Chilly's Restaurant in Bangsar Shopping Centre, to have a meal and a couple of drinks, since NPC was not opened for business on Saturdays. I'd imagine the usual chit-chat was the event for the day and exchange of notes.

On another note, related to this event, my friend was grossly inconvenienced for the day as he resides in Bandar Utama and his son was hospitalised at Pantai Medical Centre. There was a massive jam infront of Eastin Hotel. My wife and daughter were also affected as they went for my bro-in-law's 'Hari Raya Open House', at the other side of Klang Valley.

I spent the afternoon making my 'compulsory' rounds on the last day in Syawal 1428H, at the 'convenient' side of town. It was a very wet afternoon indeed.

*Photos are courtesy of Rocky and Shanghai Fish


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

big bro,

that was a wonderful gesture as a friend without being political. i should write something similar too.

so anyway, i was at putrajaya at that time of the day. it was fairly quiet but that could always be the case since i seldom visit this part of the world. it was saturday after all.

Zakhir's Zoo said...


No politics here in this blog. These are my friends. I wrote about their "walk" on 26 September 2007 also and it was my first posting.