Saturday, December 1, 2007

More MARA contemporary visitations and confirmation of surgery

I arrived at a little over 8.30am with Aishah to see the SRN putting a fresh dressing on Abah. He just had his morning shower and it is the right time to change the soiled overnight dressing. There was still oozing from the chest wound.
Left: The dressing after the chest wound still oozed throughout the night. Note he is still wearing the towel
Moments later cardiologist Dr. Daud made his rounds. He noted that there was still ooze coming from the chest wound. Abah and us interacted with Dr. Daud about his new found predicaments and Dr. Daud explained what he knows about the problem and how it will be corrected. He also said that it will be Tan Sri Mr. Yahya's decision.
Right: Dr. Daud explaining to Abah and clarification sought
Today, I too had my own problems. I woke up with excruciating and throbbing pains on my left ankle. Most probably it is gout. Ever since I did my gastric by-pass bariatric surgery here at DSH on 4 July 2007, my uric acid level have shot up to out-of-this-world level. The physicians and some of the surgeons explained that the process of breaking down fat and protein in my body, will result in increased uric acid in the blood. So I complained to Dr. Daud in his ward visitation and he gave me a voltaren injection. It subsided the pain to tolerable level and I actually managed to catch some nap on Mak's bed in the suite.

Then more visitations by Abah's MARA contemporaries. This time, another former Director General Dato' Zamani Md. Noor. He popped around at ten-ish. He talked about issues with regards to MARA when he first took over from Dato' Mydin Sheriff in 2003 till his retirement this time last year. He described Abah has his 'teacher' as it was Abah who recruited him into MARA in the mid seventies, it was still called the "Training Division".
Left: Dato' Zamani happily talking about his DG days

They had a lot to chat about. I was listening in and was particular touched by his modestness to call in on his old 'Boss', even though he himself rose to be the Boss of MARA, years after my father threw in the towel. I can see that Abah was impressed with his professionalism, largely formed from his Old Putra days.
Right: An old friend excusing himself after a visit
On another note, Dato' Zamani was close to ANSARA and actually supported some of our projects and activities. I remembered at the ceremony to officiate the breaking ground of MRSM Kubang Pasu in Jitra, Kedah, June 2005, he actually asked about Abah infront of dignitaries when I stepped up to shake his hand upon his arrival at the ceremony. I was touched by his casualness to show respect for a retired old MARA contemporary.

At 5.00pm, the SRN-in-charge came to tell my father that Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang called and instructed my father to fast (nil by mouth). This was in preparation for any surgery, when the eminent cardiothoracic surgeon come to make his rounds and review Abah's case.
Left: Tan Sri Mr. Yahya reviewing the case
He did come at 7.30pm. He checked on Abah's wound and also listened to his heart and chest. He explained that a surgery is necessary to correct out one of the stainless steel switcher that held the sternum was dislodged, due to the 'violent coughs' Abah had earlier in the week. That also contributed to the gash on the chest wound. It was noted to him that new ooze from the chest wound is actually fresh blood, no longer stale blood as it was when Dr. Daud made the emergency patch-up on Tuesday evening, which landed him in CICU for the second time.

Right: Tan Sri Mr. Yahya carefully explain and interacted with everyone about the procedure planned on Monday
According to Tan Sri Mr. Yahya that the switcher-being-dislodged condition could happen, although the chances are slim. The surgery will take less than an hour and the risk is 80% lesser than the CABG. This corrective surgery will help the healing process better and faster. Again, Tan Sri Mr. Yahya explained in simple terms and relieved some of our worries, especially when Abah need to under general anesthetic and management of pain for the second time.

Tan Sri Mr. Yahya also said it was not necessary for him to do the surgery tonight (earlier, the team was ready to be mobilised for an 11.00pm surgery), although he was making provision to do so since the SRN-in-charge reported to him earlier in the afternoon, the ooze was fresh blood. His final decision was the surgery will be done at first thing Monday morning.

I know Abah is reluctant, more than when he decided for the CABG three Fridays ago but he had not much choice. I immediately updated some people within the extended family and really close friends.

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