Monday, December 17, 2007

Abah under debridement surgery this morning

I took Abah to his appointment with eminent cardiothoracic surgeon Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang yesterday evening (Sunday, 16 November 2007), at Damansara Specialist Hospital Accident and Emergency Department.

Left: The SRN doing the SOP upon re-admission, for the planned procedure first thing tomorrow morning

When he took a look at the chest wound, he decided that Abah needed a small debridement surgery, to clean the superficial wound which starting to be infected. This is despite that the wound is dressed twice daily and antibiotics used, initially through IV and now orally.

He also ordered that the antibiotic be adminstered through IV from now on.

Right: The posse is here, again

Like it or not, Abah has to undergo a simple and short surgery first thing in the morning. So I checked him in and after dinner, he was wheeled to his room, on the fourth floor. We kept him company till eleven, to relieve a little pressure and discomfort he had. Sunday also marked his exact four weeks since first admitted by cardiologist Dr. M. Tamil Selvan with angina pains and two days later, he did the CABG.

This morning, cardiothoracic anesthetists Dato' Dr. V. Kathiresan came early to prepare him. Then Tan Sri Mr. Yahya joined him and the promised that the surgery will be a short and painless one.

Left: Tan Sri Mr.Yahya and Dato' Dr. Kathiresan getting a consent

He was wheeled into the OT by 8.35am and by 9.25am, he was already back in the wards, wide awake.

He was allowed to have lunch and I got him 'fish-head mee hoon soup' from KGNS. Both him and Mak enjoyed the lunch.

Right: SRNs Malar and Chong giving him a jab, just before being wheeled to OT, again

At lunch, the ward staff nurse came in to tell that Tan Sri Mr. Yahya would be expecting to see me in his office at 4.00pm. So I went with Aishah and my sister Nur Hafizah tagged along. Tan Sri Mr. Yahya explained on the surgery and the treatment to drain out the puss from the under the skin infection. He said that it was a similar problem and treatment that former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad had in October, but with lesser magnitude.

He also told us to break the news to Abah that he might spent another day or two in the wards and Tan Sri Mr. Yahya would allow him to go home and get daily treatment after the wound turn 'healthy red' again.

Right: Tan Sri Mr. Yahya and Dato' Dr. Kathiresan for a joint visit

So at a little past five, Tan Sri Mr. Yahya and Dato' Dr. Kathiresan did a joint visit on their patient. Abah was given the exact same expalantion that I had in Tan Sri Mr. Yahya's office and hour earlier.

Then at seven, cardiologist Dr. Daud Sulaiman, who had been away for the week in Taiwan to attend a heart conference, popped by. Abah had a bit of interaction with him and reviewed his medications, to suit his current stay in hospital.

Left: Dr. Daud checking in on his patient

I think Abah was glad he could see Dr. Daud's face and he thrashed a lot of issues with him. I must say his explanation gave Abah some comfort in his over a month predicament.

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