Thursday, December 20, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya Aidhil Adha, 1428H

This morning, is the Hari Raya Aidil Adha for Malaysia. I woke up and went straight to the hospital, withput having the most important meal of day. This is because my wife and maid of seven years, Markati, were out doing grocery shopping and they only decided to have the traditional Hari Raya meal of nasi himpit, sayur lodeh, sambal sotong and sambal kacang, late last night. The household was not prepared for the feast as Abah was still infirmed in Damansara Specialist Hospital, after his third surgery on Monday morning within four weeks.

Left: From left, Dato' Dr. Kathiresan, Mr. Mohamed Adib and Tan Sri Mr. Yahya just before this morning's wound dressing

This morning also brought new meaning of 'joy' to Abah, after experiencing two painful mornings doing dressing on the open wound on the chest.

This morning, eminent cardiothoracic surgeon Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang was joined by another cardiothoracic surgeon Mr. Mohamed Adib and cardiothoracic anaesthethists Dato' Dr. V. Kathiresan. Mr. Adib worked with Tan Sri Mr. Yahya when they were in IJN.

Right: The learned gentlemen just about to 'knock'him out and dress the wound

Tan Sri Mr. Yahya decided that Abah should be under some sedative whilst he change and clean the wound. Hence his team was there. And so for fifteen minutes, he was put under mild sedative and slept. Tan Sri Mr. Yahya added a new antibiotic gel, "Elase", in the "Eusol gauze packing" to the open chest wound.

Of course, he was very happy indeed! He felt nothing. Unlike the mornings before, he was in unbearable extreme pain when the open wound was dressed, despite painkiller shots were given half an hour earlier. The painful experience actually took a toll on his moral and motivation.

Tan Sri Mr. Yahya was equally 'demoralised' when Abah had the downturn mood swing. Being an experienced medical practicioner, he would do everything possible to ensure that his patients are not bogged down with adverse psychological pressures, in the crucial period of healing. In his evening visit yesterday after attending the Lt. Jen. (B) Dato' Jaafar Onn's new book on Dato' Onn Jaafar and the struggle to galvanise the Malay support against Malayan Union, he even suggested that Abah had some steak.

Left: Tan Sri Mr. Yahya told Abah that Dato' Dr. Kathiresan would help him tomorrow morning to make the dressing 'painless'

In a flash, as soon as Tan Sri Mr. Yahya left the room, I zoomed to the San Francisco Steakhouse, which was a stone's throw from the hospital. I got Abah a 300gm well-marbled 'Rib eye' steak, with all the trimmings and embelishments not spared. In 45 minutes later (I had the weather the ultra heavy Hari Raya Korban eve traffic!), I was cutting his steak into small bites and drenching it rich mushroom sauce while Abah was enjoying it.

Earlier yesterday, when Tan Sri Mr. Yahya consulted Abah just before the dressing, it was clear that Abah was very unhappy and uncomfortable with the pain that he had to endure in the daily ritual.

Right: Abah complaining about the no longer 'bearable' pain to Tan Sri Mr. Yahya

This evening, Tan Sri Mr. Yahya and Dato' Dr. Kathiresan came by again and he was put through another dressing treatment withoit any pain. I am glad all the 'pain' issues have been 'resolved' this morning and Abah is no longer demoralised to carry on the treatment.

On behalf of my family, I would like to wish all the readers and well wishers on this blog , Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang, Dato' Dr. V. Kathiresan, Dr. Mohd. Daud Sulaiman, Dr. M. Tamil Selvan, Dr. Zainuddin Md. Zin, Mr. Mohamed Adib, OT, CICU, CVL and fourth floor nursing staff, A & E nursing staff, the people at 'Rehab' and 'Imaging', administrative, support and F & B staff and the customer service people of Damansara Specialist Hospital and last but never the least, family and friends for their effort, well wishes, kind thoughts and prayers to make Abah better again, my utmost sincere and deep gratitude:





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