Sunday, December 9, 2007

The twenty first day in hospital and Abah gets a 'leave'

I started late this morning. I was about to call it quits at two early this morning when Steven Spielberg's highly acclaimed monster movie of the mid seventies, "Jaws" was shown on TV. So I can't resist to watch the one single horrific beast that got me very weary when I am around a mass body of water, for years. I don't actually remember when exactly I fell asleep but I woke up at 5.30pm on the wrong side of the bed with the TV and half of the lights in bedroom on (my wife is at the hospital, with Aishah, accompanying my mother).

So I finally got out of bed at 8.30am. As I was still reading the Sunday morning papers online, the missus called from hospital at 9.20am saying that both cardiothoracic surgeon Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang and cardiologist Dr. Mohd. Daud Sulaiman agreed on a joint visit to allow my father to take leave and go home, for a few hours. They very well understood the termendous physical, psychological and emotional pressure that Abah had to endure these past three weeks, being 'couped' in hospital.

After the dressing and nebulizer treatment, he signed the leave papers and allowed to go home.
Left: The smiley face as they reached the lobby
It was indeed a surprise for him and to us too. The happiness is so apparent in his face. Instead of taking the "Enterprise", which give him difficulty to mount, I drove his Mercedes to he hospital.

I took the most careful and slowest drive I ever did in my life on the five minute drive home. It was even much 'gentler' than when I was driving a few brides and grooms to their wedding dinners.
Right: The careful and ultra gentle drive home

The moment he reached home, his focus was at his Koi pond. He walked to the pond and looked at the fishes. Then only he sat down whilst the two girls had McDonald's pancakes for breakfast.
Left: Turning the head towards the Koi pond as soon as he alighted from the car

The two minute stare at the fishes was therapeutic enough for him. He had invested so much time, attention and passion for the Koi pond.
Right: Feeling relieved and satisfied
It can clearly be shown that his motivation and discomfort has gone to the lowest level imaginable.

He also toured around the slight modification made in his absence, to the iron grill on the windows and sliding doors. I also took the opportunity to update him on the alarm system needed to be fixed after the contractors installed the new iron grills and the house was without alarm for a few nights because the alarm was in Johor for a few days. The maid served his some orange juice while he spent sometime on the breakfast table, next to the Koi pond and read the usually thick Sunday morning papers.
Left: Abah enjoying the chat while Aishah is making faces to her cousin

Later, he went to use the bathroom and had his letters sent up. I had an oxygen machine installed in his bedroom and made him use it, for a little extra precaution. It helps to make sure his oxygen level is near maximum, if not 100% in the blood. Aishah also periodically takes the measurement of his pulse and blood pressure.
Right: Resting on his bed and going through his mails. Note is using the oxygen machine
This is the first time he lied on the bed in twenty one days, although he had only been one KM away from home.

*An update, twelve hours later

In the afternoon, Abah's gardener and handyman Hafiz dropped in. So he went down again, talked about his garden and plants, of course his Koi pond. He personally supervised Hafiz maintain the pond.

At five-ish, after a nap, I took the missus grocery shopping at the nearby hypermarket. By quarter past six, I was already home as the old man was ready to go back to the infirmary. His wound needed dressing and its time for his antibiotics injection, on top of the pre-dinner medications he has to take. The moment I docked the "Enterprise", I went into his Mercedes and fire it up.

Then I helped him into the front seat of his car.
Left: Mounting in
Again, it was slow and ultra gentle drive back to Damansara Specialist Hospital. On the way, I told him my childhood buddy and Ex Koleq friend Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haizal Haron Kamar called to ask about my father. In his ultra busy schedule, he made time to find out about our predicaments. Dr. Haizal teaches cardiology at University Malaya/University Hospital Medical Centre.

As soon as I reached there, I helped him alight from the car, walked him to a wheel chair and then sped of, to pick the missus at home. Then to Taman Tun Dr. Ismail pasar malam to buy some fruits and dinner for the two girls. It was Restoran Ismail Nasi Beriyani, again.

Then off to Mutiara Damansara Burger King as Abah wanted a double cheese burger-Swiss mushroom for dinner. After dinner, while relaxing and watching the news on TV, about some lawyers who marched from Sogo to the Bar Council (which include some of my friends like Rocky and Zorro), I made him wear the oxygen. I am thinking it will help a little, to enrich his blood with oxygen, in this recovery process.
Right: Abah watching TV while having some desserts
I expect a rather busy and hectic day tomorrow. We hope that Tan Sri Mr. Yahya and Dr. Tamil Selvan (who will stand in for Dr. Daud, who will be away for a conference in Taiwan), will allow him to be discharged tomorrow. Of course, with a condition that he must do the dressing at the hospital, daily. I need to settle the bill first thing in the morning at the hospital, as more charges have accumulated since the last time I signed a checque. On top f that, I have to be at Putrajaya International Convention Centre by 10.00am. Should he is allowed to go home, I must rush immediately after Deputy Prime Minister Dato' Seri Mohamed Najib Tun Razak officiate the event.


Mat Salo said...

It's good to be home, Alhamdullillah and thanks to Allah our prayers are answered. Eh, bro' am so sorry, just got back and was unaware that your father was still at DSH yesterday. I was on the 4th floor attempting to visit a dear, dear friend at ICU after having a tumor behind the eye removed. Anak Tan Sri Kadir (former DPM MH's nephew).. Anyway, you're the best son a father could have. God bless you.

Zakhir's Zoo said...

Dear Mat S,

Thanks for the kind thoughts.

Which Tan Sri Kadir is this? Tan Sri Kadir former AG or former SPR Chairman? There is also one Tan Sri Kadir former Health DG.

Yes I heard about this chap who wanted to have surgery for tumour. Isn't he a pilot or something?

This is the least I could do for my father. I cannot make the pain and suffering go away, so I do my best to make his endeavour more comfortable.

Heart Doc said... was good to talk after such a long time.

The second surgery was a minor setback. It had to be done. Anyway, glad to know your dad is on the road to recovery. In fact, he may even be discharged home Mon, right? Anyway, at DSH, I know your dad is in good hands.

If your parents' home is open to visitors, I would like to pay a visit sometime in the next week, once he has settled down at home.

Zakhir's Zoo said...

Dear Doc,

Thanks for calling and making a kind note here in this blog.

Yes, he should be accepting visitors, at home, soon.