Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Abah is out from CICU and starting to walk, again

This morning my system partly surrendered. After 17 days under all sorts of stress, my back simply refused to co-operate. So I arrived at the hospital a little after nine forty five.

Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang already reviewed Abah's case and he is allowed to be discharged from the CICU. Most probably, by evening time, he should be walking around the room, to regain his fitness level and also maintain blood circulation.
Left: Being wheeled out of the CICU for the third time in 17 days
So at 11.00 am, the CICU SRNs moved him out, along the longish corridor on the fourth floor ward towards the east most end of the floor.

Mean while, at the ranch, the two girls who are permanent features of suite 421, are doing their best to kill their boredom and get on each other's throats. So they started to play all sorts of things and games, especially the interests on the new Barbie set have faded away.
Right: Trying their best to hide from Papa/Pak Long!
The suite is so far end of the building that the wifi signal is irreliable and not stable. So I decided to take them downstairs to the cafe, so that the can do 'their thingy'.

I asked the missus to go and do her thing while my parents take their afternoon rest. I actually have lost count how many days she actually missed work, even though she had classes to do and attend.
Left: A peck on Mama/Mak Long's cheeks, before their trip to the cafe
So there we were, at the cafe. We were seated next to Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang, who was enjoying his tuna sandwich lunch (there was no other table near a power socket).

After I logged on to the Streamyx, I invited Tan Sri Mr. Yahya to briefly browse my blog. I explained to him that I have kept a daily log online, to document the experiences that we had to endure, since Abah was infirmed in IJN 24 days ago, for the planned angioplasty, which was aborted. He said it was alright for me to share this experience and as long as this is not construed as 'advertising his services', online.

I also explained that I wanted to accord and document their good work, in giving someone like my father a 'new lease of life', which is rarely understood by the average populi.
Right: The girls so engrossed on their portals
Soon enough, the girls were on their favourite portal, playing games against each other. That actually took three bloody hours!

When we went up after a couple of round of snacks, Dr. Daud was about to do his round. This is his first interaction with his cardiologists, since the second surgery and not under the influence large dosage of sedatives and pain killers.
Left: Dr. Daud illustrating on the procedure which was necessary

My mother's close personal friends also called on her and of course, my father. Since Abah was infirmed in the DSH Heart Centre ward, she has not left the ward.
Right: Mak's closest friends around the neighbourhood called on the both of them

At circa 6.00pm, Abah went to do for his 'walkabout' around the ward. From the looks of it, he is so determined to 'regain' his life back, especially after some 'setback' to the recovery process that was doing rather progressively well; at least the early part of last week.
Left: His first walks since the second surgery
So Aishah, my brother Najib and his daughter, Balqis, walked him to the nurses station and back. He did the circuit, twice.


Mat Salo said...

Mr. Z,

Have been following your dad's progress closely. Alhamdullillah he's well on the road to recovery. Looks like the trio of Drs. Yahya, Kathiresan and Daud did a great job! So you know WHERE I'm going and who I need to be on the team if I needed to, eh? Salaam.


Zakhir's Zoo said...

Dear Mr A F Osman,

Thanks for the kind thoughts.

Yes, Mr. Yahya, Drs. Kathiresan and Daud are the best team in town. Not forgetting Mr Aw, the profunists (the guy who works the heart-lung machine during the surgery), the OT team and CICU post surgery care.

Also the physiotherapists.


I am bloody serious. I saw my father SUFFER because of smokes.