Saturday, December 22, 2007

Abah discharged and takziah to Dr. Daud

I woke this morning with not so pleasant news in the phone. At 6.26am, cardiologist Dr. Mohd. Daud Sulaiman smsed to say that his 88 year old mother, Hj. Aminah Said had passed away at 5.30am in Cheras. The remains would be brought to the HUKM Surau to be bathed, covered in kapan burial shroud and prayer service will be conducted at 9.30am, before be brought back to Alor Gajah for burial after Zuhur prayers.

She was infirmed in CICU since Tuesday and later transfered to Ceria Ward at third floor.

I was at the hospital by 10.00am. I offered Abah to get some mid-morning snacks. However, he refused. I guess he was to eager to go home.

Left: Linda and Ajib helping Abah to put on the 'Binder'

Cardiothoracic surgeon Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang popped by just before noon and did the dressing. As expected, he was pleased enough with the progress. So Tan Sri Mr. Yahya signed the discharge papers and he was allowed home under the conditions that he has to come back for wound dressing and antibiotics injections, daily.

Of course, that brought a lot of joy and relieve to everyone. We packed the whole load of stuff, which included an Ogawa air purifier and an Elba microwave (wifey purposely bought it for this trip). I sent Abah and Mak back with Ajib and Markati at quarter to one and wanted them to have lunch at home (Abah needed the change of environment, badly!).

Right: Tan Sri Mr. Yahya giving last minute instructions

I was the last to leave the hospital. I did not leave until 4.00pm, after settling the bill and taking home the medicines.

Left: Abah walking away as Mak thanked SRN Nurul Afizah. Note the baggage trolley carrying the stuff from the room.

The hospital provided great and impeccable healthcare services, especially by the surgeons, physicians, radiologists, pathologists, nurses, radiographers, physiotherapists, F & Bers etc. They had always done their best made the recovery of patients as comfortable as they possibly can. However, the administrative people have a lot to be desired.

Back to Dr. Daud's bereavement. We would to express our deepest Takziah condolences to him and his family, in these most trying times.

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