Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The twenty first day of CABG and discharged

I started the day, answering the phone from my wife, who slept over with Aishah. Abah wanted some Restoran Ismail roti canai for breakfast. There was this unusual traffic jam from the roundabout near our place right to Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (I can see the traffic jam going straight to the city). Later I found out that there was an illegal assembly infront of the Parliament and of course, people working in Selangor taking this opportunity to go out on the HRH Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, Sultan of Selangor 62nd birthday public holiday.

Later his buddies from MARA Abdul Wahab Saidi Tahir and Hj. Hussain dropped by to see and old friend. Its Hj. Hussain's third and Wahab's first visit. They had a lot to chat about and everytime they excused themselves, Abah insisted they stayed on.
Left: The three amigos engaging in a chat
During this visit, cardiologist Dr. Tamil Selvan made his rounds (taking over from Dr. Daud, who is away in Taiwan).

He was happy with my father's progress and said that he will talk to cardiothoracic surgeon Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang, who is the lead consultant in my father's case, about allowing him to be discharged. However, he is required to return twice daily for dressing and antibiotics injection, until Tan Sri Mr. Yahya decide otherwise on Saturday.
Right: Dr. Selvan engaging his patient

Of course, that made him very happy. Dr. Selvan asked the SRNs to change the dressing on my father's chest. And they did exactly that. They even put waterproofing, so that Abah could have his shower.
Left: Another dressing
They are the finest set of SRNs I have seen. The same set of people took care of me, for sixteen days in July.

Whilst waiting for Tan Sri Mr. Yahya, ADUN Damansara Utama YB Dato' C K Lim dropped by to see the former Damansara Utama Residents' Association President. He brought a big basket of fruits. It was very kind of him, to make time for my father, despite his busy schedule serving the rakyat. Unfortunately, while this visit, I was taking a nap. Therefore, no photo was captured.

Then Tan Sri Mr. Yahya made his rounds at four something. He was happy to let Abah home and it was well received. However, he still insist the dressing and antibiotics to continue until he is satisfied.
Right: Tan Sri Mr. Yahya with his infectous smile

The SRNs prepared the medicines to be taken home and also the appointments. The administrative people instead prepared the final bill.
Left: Leaving on the 'taxi'
So Abah eventually left the suite 421 at six thirteen pm.

So it was another slow and ultra gentle drive again, from Damansara Specialist Hospital to home. I was a little careful with the 6.15pm extra heavy traffic along LDP highway.
Right: Mounting in, carefully

Then again, it was the Koi pond and water feature therapy, first. I and the missus is actually amazed with Aishah's dedication, reliability and compassion in taking care and helping her Atuk, although she is only eleven.
Left: Atuk and his lieutenant, inspecting the water feature

Then, after that, he is more settled.

Now lets recap the whole episode, from IJN to DSH. I accompanied Abah who checked in at IJN on 11 Nov. I accompanied Abah to-and-fro, Melati suite to the CVL in IJN for the angioplasty on the evening of 12 Nov, where cardiologists Dato' Dr. Robaayah Zambahari and Dato' Dr. Bala jointly concurred that angioplasty is risky and thus aborted. A list of IJN surgeons was offered.

Instead, I brought Abah to see cardioligist Dr. Daud Sulaiman in DSH, on 14 Nov and confirmed and concurred that angioplasty was risky and CABG was then is the solution. I brought Abah to see cardiothoracic surgeon Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang in DSH Heart Centre, on 16 Nov and confirmed CABG is the solution, with a 1% risk and Abah should not wait too long. So Friday 23 Nov was the date chosen.

Then over the weekend, he had angina pains where he took 3 GTN pills. On Monday morning, 19 Nov I called Dr. Daud but he was away in Indonesia. Instead, I brought Abah to see cardiologist Dr. Tamil Selvan instead. He said situation is not to good and recommended that Abah do his CABG surgery, soonest as possible; possibly tomorrow. The risk was higher to wait rather than the surgery itself. When Tan Sri Mr. Yahya reviewed his case that day, he decided reschedule it to Wednesday morning, 21 Nov, where it happened. Cardiothoracic anesthesiologist Dato' Dr. V. Kathiresan reviewed Abah on 20 Nov.

The rest is history. The 30 day drama of this CABG surgery episode can be chronologically referred in this blog.

On behalf of my family, I'd like to express our utmost sincere gratitude and appreciation for the kindness, thoughtfulness and compassion expressed and shown, prayers made and support and encouragement to us by families, friends, associates and even strangers. May Allah s.w.t., God al Mighty repay and reward all the great deeds done here, for our husband, father and Atuk.

The last but not least, I would like to express our utmost sincere gratitude and appreciation to Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang, Dato' Dr. V. Kathiresan, Dr. Mohd. Daud Sulaiman, Dr. Tamil Selvan, Dr. Zainuddin Md. Zin, OT and CICU staff, the SRNs and nurse aides at the fourth floor ward. Tribute also to the physiotherapists at 'Rehab', the radiographers, kitchen staff, customer service and cleaners.

This is Zakhir Mohamed, signing of for this CABG surgery episode.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

big bro,

alhamdulillah, good to read this piece of good news. nothing beats being at home to recuperate.

*eh bro, i'd say ismail serves the best nasi beriyani in whole of KL/PJ.

Zakhir's Zoo said...


Thanks. I really appreciate you and the others who follow this episode and kind thoughts in your hearts for Abah.

Yes, Restoran Ismail Nasi Beriyani is good. Should also consider JM Beriyani in Subang Jaya and Victory Restaurant in USJ 9.

JM is atypical Muo beriyani and Victory is the famous Arab Street of Singapore (actually its North Bridge Rd), brought to Klang Valley

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


during my subang jaya days, having JM's beriyani was a weekly affair until a cousin introduced me to ismail's beriyani. being a subang jaya lad, my preference has switched to the one in TTDI.

elviza said...

Am so proud of Aishah.

The Ancient Mariner said...

Good news this, BD.

I thought you Johorians prefer your Muau 'Gam' beriyani?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


JM beriyani serves muar's gam beriyani. but i prefer the mamak-style from ismail.

Zakhir's Zoo said...


Yes we all proud of here. She is still serving Atuk whilst at home and checks up of his tempreature, BP and pulse six hourly.


Capt YA,

Yes, we Johoreans prefer Muo Beriyani Gam. However, we also have close affinity to Beriyani and Murtabak Arab Street.

On events, dinners, weddings and any formal eating, we prefer and call Muo Beriyani Gam specialists, which is Tim's Catering.


Ismail's beriyani is good. Its a weekly staple for Aishah. I prefer Ismail's freshly prepared roti canai and chicken curry.

Thanks all.

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