Monday, December 3, 2007

Second surgery successful

We were at DSH as early as 6.00am. My brother picked my aunty up at Sri Damansara, on his way from Gombak.
Left: Leaving for the OT, first thing in the morning
The SRNs collected Abah from his suite at 7.30am and wheeled straight into the OT, for Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang to correct the switchers that held the both sides of the sternum. It was sawn apart for the coronary arterial by-pass graft surgery (CABG) on 21 November but because of 'violent coughing', the switcher in the middle was dislodged.

By 10.15am, he was wheeled back into CICU after a successful surgery. Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang explained that all was fine. Dato' Dr. V. Kathiresan wanted him to rest without any pain, so he was given sedative and put under the breathing machine. He promised to review the case again by 2.00pm and allow my father to breathe on his own, without the machine from 3.00pm onwards.
Right: The CICU staff busy receiving Abah straight from the Cardiac OT

Aishah went to see him at 1.26pm and he was aware of the surrounding. So when Aishah held his hand, he gripped back, almost trying to find comfort.
Left: A girl trying to comfort her grandfather
Moments later Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang came to review his patient's case. He saw that Abah was in a little discomfort. So he called up Dato' Dr. Kathiresan and painkillers were ordered for him, in preparation to take him of the breathing machine and breathe on his own.

He would be allowed to have some sips of water, an hour after the that.
Right: Tan Sri Mr. Yahya making his rounds
Tan Sri Mr. Yahya assured us that he would make Abah's recovery post this second open chest surgery more comfortable.

Tan Sri Mr. Yahya showed me the x-ray of the switchers in placed, after the surgery. I think more were added.
Left: Aishah looking at the x-rays, six day apart, before and after

As again, Abah has an incurable headache and nausea, due to the doses of morphine given to him for the chest wounds. So the remedy that we can offer him is mentholated ointment or minyak angin.
Right: A traditional remedy for headache; minyak angin and TLC

By dinner time, we was spoon fed by Mak with some porridge and some steamed salmon and haruan. He had an encouraging portion, for someone who had his chest opened, twice, within 12 days. He also asked for some freshly squeezed orange juice; to get rid of the nausea feeling.
Left: Dinner, just after maghrib
He looked he like was comfortable. As we were leaving the ward for home, just before 10.00pm, he asked for this morning's paper. I guess, he was plainly bored.


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Glad to hear this. We are with you all the way, BD.

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