Sunday, December 2, 2007

The day before second surgery

Today is Abah's fourteenth day being infirmed in Damansara Specialists Hospital.

Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang came to check on his patient at 9.30pm. Although there was still oozing, he was generally satisfied. A new consent was obtained for the surgery, scheduled tomorrow morning at 7.00am.
Left: Dr. Daud illustrating the formation of the stenum, post surgery
Later Dr. Daud came to check on Abah. We basically interracted with him and his explanation was as convincing as Tan Sri Mr. Yahya's, yesterday. The formation of the sternum was crucial for him to heal well. Hence, the decision cut open again and correct the situation.

In the middle of the interactive consultation, my cousin Datuk Dr. Mahmood A Kadir and wife Datin Teh Zaiton brought his mother Habsah Abdul Ghani, my father's only surviving elder sister to visit. Her worries is clearly visible on the 77 year old woman. Datuk Dr. Mahmood also had a little time to interact with Dr. Daud on my father's case.
Right: Datuk Dr. Mahmood listening closely on Dr. Daud's explanation

Left: The worry of an elder sister
Datuk Dr. Mahmood said ever since she learnt about Abah's heart by-pass surgery, she has been worried and sometime, that pushed her bloodpressure up. So they decided to bring her over to see her only surviving brother for herself and diminished some of her worries.

In the middle of that, cardiothoracic anaesthethist Dato' Dr. V. Kathiresan appeared to check on Abah. He also obtained another consent for the surgery, first thing tomorrow morning. As usual, Dato Dr. Kathiresan said nothing should be out of the ordinary and everything would be fine.
Right: Dato' Dr. Kathiresan sought another consent

Later in the late afternoon, his childhood buddy Hj. Mohd. Farid and wife, Hjh. Maznah popped by. Its been fourteen days since we last saw them. although they have came over to the house to hand over some snake-head fishes (haruan), to be cooked for my father.
Left: Hj. Farid showing support for a friend of over 50 years

In the evening, our immediate neighbours, former MITI Deputy Secretary General Dato' Kalsom Abdul Rahman and former MARDI researcher Dr. Mohamed Senawi, came to visit. They came separately but coincidentally arrived together. Both shown termendous support for Abah's courage and patience to weather through these trying times.
Right: Neighbours in the show of compassion and care

After Isya' and dinner, two Mujahiddeen mosque kariah members, Hj. Shamsiri and Hj. Mohd. Nahar dropped in, to see how someone in the neighbourhood was doing. They offered a lot kind words; solace for Abah. The want him to see the silver lining through this rough weather. Hj. Shamsiri dissected a verse from the Quran to explain why God test His servants and there is a solution or opportunity, in every misdeeds. He even was kind enough to offer prayer, for Abah's surgery tomorrow.
Left: Hj. Shamshiri led a short but meaningful prayer

To family and friends who have offered prayers in my father's moments of trials, I would like to express my utmost sincere appreciation and gratitude, for these very thoughtful deeds. My Allah s.w.t., God al Mighty, the Merciful repay the goodness and kindness of your heart, where ever you may be.



abang said...

we pray for yr father's speedy recovery bro

Zakhir's Zoo said...

Again, thanks. Appreciate it.