Thursday, December 6, 2007

Abah determined to regain his normalcy and started physiotherapy, again

The day started with cardiothoracic surgeon Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang doing his ward rounds. He reviewed my father's case and allowed him to start the physiotherapy in the Rehabilitation, after it was suspended due to the bleeding last Tuesday's evening and readmission to CICU, which lead to the surgery to correct the switchers on the sternum, few days ago.
Left: Tan Sri Mr. Yahya just about to listen to his chest. Note the 'binder' he was wearing
The physiotherapy would just be exercises involving the leg and he should not be doing any extensive hand movements nor lift anything. He insist that Abah still wear the 'binder', so that the sternum does not move about.
Right: Abah listening to some tips from Zulkarnain
During the ward visit, a childhood friend from Muo Zulkarnain Hassan dropped in to show support, for the third time. Zulkarnain was also a 'zippers' veteran, having to do his CABG at KL General Hospital some 18 years ago. Some people may remember him as a sports commentator in RTM, with a distinctive voice.

After a Curry Mee lunch, at 3.00pm, he was taken down to 'Rehab' for a supervised workout by trained physiotherapists. He started with being asked to move up and down (till eye level) an exercise stick. That is for allowing movement on the shoulder and arm muscles, so that they be stiff, after few days of readmission in CICU and another surgery.
Left: The first itinerary on the workout list. Note; a rare shot of me in the upper left hand corner of the photo

Right: Abah doing his six minute walk. Note, Mak is catching a shut-eye while waiting
Then it was the bicycle again. After that, he was made to walk across the exercise floor, for six minutes non stop. He achieved that. Actually, that is the minimum level of fitness before a CABG patient is allowed to be discharged from the hospital.

Then he did the second achievement for the day, since his CABG surgery on 21 November 2007. He walked up and down the 'Rehab' staircase, twice end-to-end. That was a very encouraging feat, since 48 hours ago this time, he was still under the breathing machine in CICU, recovering from a second open chest surgery.
Left: Abah doing the steps, another achievement since 21 Nov

After all that exercise, physiotherapist Hazimatul Akmal will still check on his pulse rate and blood pressure, which were within desirable and acceptable range for a recovering CABG patient. She was very careful to make sure that his vital statistics are recorded after each exercise activity.
Right: Checks on vital statistics after each activity

After maghrib, Dr. Daud showed up for his rounds. He gave some tips and dos and don'ts, in anticipation of Abah's expected discharge from the hospital this Friday. The questions he asked, it clearly show how eager he wants his life to be normal again.
Left: Dr. Daud patiently explain to an old man the adjustments that he got to make

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