Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Home care visitation

This morning started like any other day, post surgery. After breakfast, I drove Abah and Mak to Damansara Specialist Hospital, for cardiothoracic surgeon Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang to do his daily inspection and dressing of the open wound. The only difference this morning was my sister Nur Hafizah Mohamed tagged along, because she was ill. She's have difficulty to move certain part of her face/head and made an appointment to see neurologists Dr. Azmi Abdul Rashid.

Left: A silhouette shot of the eminent cardiothoracic surgeon and Abah

So I took Abah to fourth floor, where Tan Sri Mr. Yahya always meet him and Mak took Nur to Dr. Azmi's office on the consultants row at the first floor.

I took shots of the open wound, for the first time. Even Abah has no idea how his wound look like. Tan Sri Mr. Yahya is happy with the progress. However, he would want another cardiothoracic surgeon Mr. Mohamed Adib to look at it on Wednesday morning, for an independent evaluation.

Right: The open wound that requires daily 'gause pack' dressing, first time on camera

While Tan Sri Mr. Yahya attends to Abah, there is the usual small talk. I asked him whether has he read Singapore ISIS researcher Dr. Ooi Ban Kean's book on his uncle, former Deputy Prime Minister Tun Dr. Ismail Abdul Rahman "The reluctant politician".

Apparently, he shared my opinion that some of the private things mentioned in the book have no relevance to the gist of the story, to portray a man of dedication, principles and decisiveness. I told him at the book review in Valentine Wiley Gallery in Bangsar, I raised the point to the author and Mohd. Tawfik Tun Ismail.

When Abah is done, Nur has not done with her physiotherapy yet, as per ordered by Dr. Azmi. So I sent them back first and came back for Nur.

Left: SRN Paru dropping by

Later, in the midst of Christmas Eve heavy rain in the evening, we received a pleasant surprise. SRN Paru from DSH Home Care Unit dropped by at quarter past five to check on Abah.

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