Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Abah had his first hair cut in almost three months

This morning started with Abah went to Damansara Specialist Hospital, right after breakfast, like every morning, by the Koi pond. We arrived at 10.00am to find cardiothoracic surgeon Mr. Syed Mohamed Adib already waiting for him. Tan Sri Mr. Yahya wanted Mr. Syed Adib to look at Abah's wound and give an independent assessment on the progress.

So he did exactly that. The young surgeon was satisfied with the progress and he is of the opinion that in a few days time, the use of antibiotic gel Elase should be changed.

Right after that, he popped by to see my sister, who is supposed to go and do MRI, for her facial pains, due to Bell's Palsy. It is a nerve ailment.

After I settled the bill for this morning, I offered to take Abah to Rahman's in Section 16 Petaling Jaya, for a hair cut. He gladly accepted. Its his first haircut in almost three months (since Ramadhan). As far as I can remember, this barber shop has been cutting my hair ever since I had hair (since the late sixties!).

Aishah had her hair shaven after the "cukur jambul", when she was three months old here, here at this shop. The barber then, Pakcik Rahman, the same guy who have been cutting Abah's and my hair, is no longer with us. He died few years ago, because of stroke.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas surprise.....

Today is Christmas Day. For us, its the routine trip to Damansara Specialist Hospital. Abah and Mak had some quacker oats by the Koi pond, as usual every morning. Then its off to the cardiac HDU ward on the fourth floor, for the antibiotics injection and wound dressing, by Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang.

Before Tan Sri Mr. Yahya came, hepabilotary surgeon Dato' Dr. Haron Ahmad dropped in to say 'Hi'. We chatted for quite a bit.

Then cardiothoracic surgeon Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang came and attended to Abah, just like any other mornings. He encouraged Abah to go for a drive and not being couped up, at home.

In the late afternoon, my sister went to A & E Department to complain about her unbearable pain in the face. Instead, she was admitted. So after the evening antibiotics injection, we popped by to see her. We bumped into her ENT surgeon Mr. Awal Hassan and consulted him. Apparently, he just arrived straight from Penang for a holiday.

After dinner, we did exactly what Tan Sri Mr. Yahya suggested Abah do. We went for a drive, into the Golden Triangle area, on "The Enterprise". It was exciting for him at first, when we arrived at the KLCC Park from the East approach but the moment we waddle along Jalan Bukit Bintang and got caught into a massive Christmas Day traffic jam, then I knew he wasn't too happy, even though he did not say it.

Home care visitation

This morning started like any other day, post surgery. After breakfast, I drove Abah and Mak to Damansara Specialist Hospital, for cardiothoracic surgeon Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang to do his daily inspection and dressing of the open wound. The only difference this morning was my sister Nur Hafizah Mohamed tagged along, because she was ill. She's have difficulty to move certain part of her face/head and made an appointment to see neurologists Dr. Azmi Abdul Rashid.

Left: A silhouette shot of the eminent cardiothoracic surgeon and Abah

So I took Abah to fourth floor, where Tan Sri Mr. Yahya always meet him and Mak took Nur to Dr. Azmi's office on the consultants row at the first floor.

I took shots of the open wound, for the first time. Even Abah has no idea how his wound look like. Tan Sri Mr. Yahya is happy with the progress. However, he would want another cardiothoracic surgeon Mr. Mohamed Adib to look at it on Wednesday morning, for an independent evaluation.

Right: The open wound that requires daily 'gause pack' dressing, first time on camera

While Tan Sri Mr. Yahya attends to Abah, there is the usual small talk. I asked him whether has he read Singapore ISIS researcher Dr. Ooi Ban Kean's book on his uncle, former Deputy Prime Minister Tun Dr. Ismail Abdul Rahman "The reluctant politician".

Apparently, he shared my opinion that some of the private things mentioned in the book have no relevance to the gist of the story, to portray a man of dedication, principles and decisiveness. I told him at the book review in Valentine Wiley Gallery in Bangsar, I raised the point to the author and Mohd. Tawfik Tun Ismail.

When Abah is done, Nur has not done with her physiotherapy yet, as per ordered by Dr. Azmi. So I sent them back first and came back for Nur.

Left: SRN Paru dropping by

Later, in the midst of Christmas Eve heavy rain in the evening, we received a pleasant surprise. SRN Paru from DSH Home Care Unit dropped by at quarter past five to check on Abah.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Abah discharged and takziah to Dr. Daud

I woke this morning with not so pleasant news in the phone. At 6.26am, cardiologist Dr. Mohd. Daud Sulaiman smsed to say that his 88 year old mother, Hj. Aminah Said had passed away at 5.30am in Cheras. The remains would be brought to the HUKM Surau to be bathed, covered in kapan burial shroud and prayer service will be conducted at 9.30am, before be brought back to Alor Gajah for burial after Zuhur prayers.

She was infirmed in CICU since Tuesday and later transfered to Ceria Ward at third floor.

I was at the hospital by 10.00am. I offered Abah to get some mid-morning snacks. However, he refused. I guess he was to eager to go home.

Left: Linda and Ajib helping Abah to put on the 'Binder'

Cardiothoracic surgeon Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang popped by just before noon and did the dressing. As expected, he was pleased enough with the progress. So Tan Sri Mr. Yahya signed the discharge papers and he was allowed home under the conditions that he has to come back for wound dressing and antibiotics injections, daily.

Of course, that brought a lot of joy and relieve to everyone. We packed the whole load of stuff, which included an Ogawa air purifier and an Elba microwave (wifey purposely bought it for this trip). I sent Abah and Mak back with Ajib and Markati at quarter to one and wanted them to have lunch at home (Abah needed the change of environment, badly!).

Right: Tan Sri Mr. Yahya giving last minute instructions

I was the last to leave the hospital. I did not leave until 4.00pm, after settling the bill and taking home the medicines.

Left: Abah walking away as Mak thanked SRN Nurul Afizah. Note the baggage trolley carrying the stuff from the room.

The hospital provided great and impeccable healthcare services, especially by the surgeons, physicians, radiologists, pathologists, nurses, radiographers, physiotherapists, F & Bers etc. They had always done their best made the recovery of patients as comfortable as they possibly can. However, the administrative people have a lot to be desired.

Back to Dr. Daud's bereavement. We would to express our deepest Takziah condolences to him and his family, in these most trying times.

Friday, December 21, 2007

A painless open wound dressing

This morning, Abah was relieved. Cardiothoracic surgeon Mr. Mohamed Adib stood in for Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang and did the dressing on Abah. Although anesthethists Dato' Dr. Kathiresan was present, Abah was not sedated and fully conscious of the treatment. There was little pain.

Left: A pain-free wound dressing

He was utterly pleased!

The minimal pain means the wound has 'granulated' and has started healing. Soon, it will closed in. Soon afterwards, he enjoyed some steak-&-cheese 'sub' sandwich from Subway.

Soon afterwards, just before I went for Friday prayers, I encouraged Abah to do his 'walk-about', especially when he complained that he did not get good night's sleep. The blood circulation would do him good.

Aishah accompanied him and they went to the kiosk. Abah bought the latest edition of 'The Edge' while Aishah got some Disney comics.

Right: Casual reading at the main lobby

Then after the home-cooked curry fish and beef rendang lunch, Abah had a short nap.

After a successful CABG and heart valve surgery, cardiothoracic surgeon Tan Sri Mr. Yahya asked the SRN to take Abah to the cardiac HDU ward, where the wound dressings have been treated. That was almost eight.

He was happy with the progress and hope to discharge Abah by tomorrow morning.

Left: An experienced surgeon's personal touch, over small talk about 'speed reading'

That certainly called for a celebrations. I was dispatched to San Francisco Steakhouse, again to get another 300gm New York cut 'Rib eye'. In the haste of getting back to the hospital early, plus weaving through heavy Friday evening traffic in rain and the usual busy Friday evening crowd at any eatery, I accidentally left the mushroom sauce.

I know Abah was a bit disappointed without the sauce. Anyhow, he chewed down the whole 300 gm of prime beef cut!

We talked about reading and books again, for the third time. Yesterday, Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang passed me the Lt. Jen. (B) Jaafar Onn's book. This evening, was the third time I encouraged him to write his memoirs. His wealth of experience in cardiothoracic surgery in Malaysia is undoubtedly too valuable to not be documented. Most likely, Tan Sri Mr. Yahya have had the most cardiothoracic surgery patients in this country, since his days in the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital beginning 1983.

Right: Catching Tan Sri Mr. Yahya in the corridor

Of course, his most famous patient was then Prime Minister Dato' Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, who had his CABG done in KLGH on 24 January 1989. Again, he performed another CABG on now former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad on 4 September 2007, in the purpose built hospital, IJN.

So many young and aspiring doctors shall benefit from the memoir. So many historian buff too. Personally, I hope Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang will make an attempt and complete his memoir. Today, the memoir on its own will be a first, in Malaysian history.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya Aidhil Adha, 1428H

This morning, is the Hari Raya Aidil Adha for Malaysia. I woke up and went straight to the hospital, withput having the most important meal of day. This is because my wife and maid of seven years, Markati, were out doing grocery shopping and they only decided to have the traditional Hari Raya meal of nasi himpit, sayur lodeh, sambal sotong and sambal kacang, late last night. The household was not prepared for the feast as Abah was still infirmed in Damansara Specialist Hospital, after his third surgery on Monday morning within four weeks.

Left: From left, Dato' Dr. Kathiresan, Mr. Mohamed Adib and Tan Sri Mr. Yahya just before this morning's wound dressing

This morning also brought new meaning of 'joy' to Abah, after experiencing two painful mornings doing dressing on the open wound on the chest.

This morning, eminent cardiothoracic surgeon Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang was joined by another cardiothoracic surgeon Mr. Mohamed Adib and cardiothoracic anaesthethists Dato' Dr. V. Kathiresan. Mr. Adib worked with Tan Sri Mr. Yahya when they were in IJN.

Right: The learned gentlemen just about to 'knock'him out and dress the wound

Tan Sri Mr. Yahya decided that Abah should be under some sedative whilst he change and clean the wound. Hence his team was there. And so for fifteen minutes, he was put under mild sedative and slept. Tan Sri Mr. Yahya added a new antibiotic gel, "Elase", in the "Eusol gauze packing" to the open chest wound.

Of course, he was very happy indeed! He felt nothing. Unlike the mornings before, he was in unbearable extreme pain when the open wound was dressed, despite painkiller shots were given half an hour earlier. The painful experience actually took a toll on his moral and motivation.

Tan Sri Mr. Yahya was equally 'demoralised' when Abah had the downturn mood swing. Being an experienced medical practicioner, he would do everything possible to ensure that his patients are not bogged down with adverse psychological pressures, in the crucial period of healing. In his evening visit yesterday after attending the Lt. Jen. (B) Dato' Jaafar Onn's new book on Dato' Onn Jaafar and the struggle to galvanise the Malay support against Malayan Union, he even suggested that Abah had some steak.

Left: Tan Sri Mr. Yahya told Abah that Dato' Dr. Kathiresan would help him tomorrow morning to make the dressing 'painless'

In a flash, as soon as Tan Sri Mr. Yahya left the room, I zoomed to the San Francisco Steakhouse, which was a stone's throw from the hospital. I got Abah a 300gm well-marbled 'Rib eye' steak, with all the trimmings and embelishments not spared. In 45 minutes later (I had the weather the ultra heavy Hari Raya Korban eve traffic!), I was cutting his steak into small bites and drenching it rich mushroom sauce while Abah was enjoying it.

Earlier yesterday, when Tan Sri Mr. Yahya consulted Abah just before the dressing, it was clear that Abah was very unhappy and uncomfortable with the pain that he had to endure in the daily ritual.

Right: Abah complaining about the no longer 'bearable' pain to Tan Sri Mr. Yahya

This evening, Tan Sri Mr. Yahya and Dato' Dr. Kathiresan came by again and he was put through another dressing treatment withoit any pain. I am glad all the 'pain' issues have been 'resolved' this morning and Abah is no longer demoralised to carry on the treatment.

On behalf of my family, I would like to wish all the readers and well wishers on this blog , Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang, Dato' Dr. V. Kathiresan, Dr. Mohd. Daud Sulaiman, Dr. M. Tamil Selvan, Dr. Zainuddin Md. Zin, Mr. Mohamed Adib, OT, CICU, CVL and fourth floor nursing staff, A & E nursing staff, the people at 'Rehab' and 'Imaging', administrative, support and F & B staff and the customer service people of Damansara Specialist Hospital and last but never the least, family and friends for their effort, well wishes, kind thoughts and prayers to make Abah better again, my utmost sincere and deep gratitude:




Monday, December 17, 2007

Abah under debridement surgery this morning

I took Abah to his appointment with eminent cardiothoracic surgeon Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang yesterday evening (Sunday, 16 November 2007), at Damansara Specialist Hospital Accident and Emergency Department.

Left: The SRN doing the SOP upon re-admission, for the planned procedure first thing tomorrow morning

When he took a look at the chest wound, he decided that Abah needed a small debridement surgery, to clean the superficial wound which starting to be infected. This is despite that the wound is dressed twice daily and antibiotics used, initially through IV and now orally.

He also ordered that the antibiotic be adminstered through IV from now on.

Right: The posse is here, again

Like it or not, Abah has to undergo a simple and short surgery first thing in the morning. So I checked him in and after dinner, he was wheeled to his room, on the fourth floor. We kept him company till eleven, to relieve a little pressure and discomfort he had. Sunday also marked his exact four weeks since first admitted by cardiologist Dr. M. Tamil Selvan with angina pains and two days later, he did the CABG.

This morning, cardiothoracic anesthetists Dato' Dr. V. Kathiresan came early to prepare him. Then Tan Sri Mr. Yahya joined him and the promised that the surgery will be a short and painless one.

Left: Tan Sri Mr.Yahya and Dato' Dr. Kathiresan getting a consent

He was wheeled into the OT by 8.35am and by 9.25am, he was already back in the wards, wide awake.

He was allowed to have lunch and I got him 'fish-head mee hoon soup' from KGNS. Both him and Mak enjoyed the lunch.

Right: SRNs Malar and Chong giving him a jab, just before being wheeled to OT, again

At lunch, the ward staff nurse came in to tell that Tan Sri Mr. Yahya would be expecting to see me in his office at 4.00pm. So I went with Aishah and my sister Nur Hafizah tagged along. Tan Sri Mr. Yahya explained on the surgery and the treatment to drain out the puss from the under the skin infection. He said that it was a similar problem and treatment that former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad had in October, but with lesser magnitude.

He also told us to break the news to Abah that he might spent another day or two in the wards and Tan Sri Mr. Yahya would allow him to go home and get daily treatment after the wound turn 'healthy red' again.

Right: Tan Sri Mr. Yahya and Dato' Dr. Kathiresan for a joint visit

So at a little past five, Tan Sri Mr. Yahya and Dato' Dr. Kathiresan did a joint visit on their patient. Abah was given the exact same expalantion that I had in Tan Sri Mr. Yahya's office and hour earlier.

Then at seven, cardiologist Dr. Daud Sulaiman, who had been away for the week in Taiwan to attend a heart conference, popped by. Abah had a bit of interaction with him and reviewed his medications, to suit his current stay in hospital.

Left: Dr. Daud checking in on his patient

I think Abah was glad he could see Dr. Daud's face and he thrashed a lot of issues with him. I must say his explanation gave Abah some comfort in his over a month predicament.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The twenty first day of CABG and discharged

I started the day, answering the phone from my wife, who slept over with Aishah. Abah wanted some Restoran Ismail roti canai for breakfast. There was this unusual traffic jam from the roundabout near our place right to Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (I can see the traffic jam going straight to the city). Later I found out that there was an illegal assembly infront of the Parliament and of course, people working in Selangor taking this opportunity to go out on the HRH Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, Sultan of Selangor 62nd birthday public holiday.

Later his buddies from MARA Abdul Wahab Saidi Tahir and Hj. Hussain dropped by to see and old friend. Its Hj. Hussain's third and Wahab's first visit. They had a lot to chat about and everytime they excused themselves, Abah insisted they stayed on.
Left: The three amigos engaging in a chat
During this visit, cardiologist Dr. Tamil Selvan made his rounds (taking over from Dr. Daud, who is away in Taiwan).

He was happy with my father's progress and said that he will talk to cardiothoracic surgeon Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang, who is the lead consultant in my father's case, about allowing him to be discharged. However, he is required to return twice daily for dressing and antibiotics injection, until Tan Sri Mr. Yahya decide otherwise on Saturday.
Right: Dr. Selvan engaging his patient

Of course, that made him very happy. Dr. Selvan asked the SRNs to change the dressing on my father's chest. And they did exactly that. They even put waterproofing, so that Abah could have his shower.
Left: Another dressing
They are the finest set of SRNs I have seen. The same set of people took care of me, for sixteen days in July.

Whilst waiting for Tan Sri Mr. Yahya, ADUN Damansara Utama YB Dato' C K Lim dropped by to see the former Damansara Utama Residents' Association President. He brought a big basket of fruits. It was very kind of him, to make time for my father, despite his busy schedule serving the rakyat. Unfortunately, while this visit, I was taking a nap. Therefore, no photo was captured.

Then Tan Sri Mr. Yahya made his rounds at four something. He was happy to let Abah home and it was well received. However, he still insist the dressing and antibiotics to continue until he is satisfied.
Right: Tan Sri Mr. Yahya with his infectous smile

The SRNs prepared the medicines to be taken home and also the appointments. The administrative people instead prepared the final bill.
Left: Leaving on the 'taxi'
So Abah eventually left the suite 421 at six thirteen pm.

So it was another slow and ultra gentle drive again, from Damansara Specialist Hospital to home. I was a little careful with the 6.15pm extra heavy traffic along LDP highway.
Right: Mounting in, carefully

Then again, it was the Koi pond and water feature therapy, first. I and the missus is actually amazed with Aishah's dedication, reliability and compassion in taking care and helping her Atuk, although she is only eleven.
Left: Atuk and his lieutenant, inspecting the water feature

Then, after that, he is more settled.

Now lets recap the whole episode, from IJN to DSH. I accompanied Abah who checked in at IJN on 11 Nov. I accompanied Abah to-and-fro, Melati suite to the CVL in IJN for the angioplasty on the evening of 12 Nov, where cardiologists Dato' Dr. Robaayah Zambahari and Dato' Dr. Bala jointly concurred that angioplasty is risky and thus aborted. A list of IJN surgeons was offered.

Instead, I brought Abah to see cardioligist Dr. Daud Sulaiman in DSH, on 14 Nov and confirmed and concurred that angioplasty was risky and CABG was then is the solution. I brought Abah to see cardiothoracic surgeon Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang in DSH Heart Centre, on 16 Nov and confirmed CABG is the solution, with a 1% risk and Abah should not wait too long. So Friday 23 Nov was the date chosen.

Then over the weekend, he had angina pains where he took 3 GTN pills. On Monday morning, 19 Nov I called Dr. Daud but he was away in Indonesia. Instead, I brought Abah to see cardiologist Dr. Tamil Selvan instead. He said situation is not to good and recommended that Abah do his CABG surgery, soonest as possible; possibly tomorrow. The risk was higher to wait rather than the surgery itself. When Tan Sri Mr. Yahya reviewed his case that day, he decided reschedule it to Wednesday morning, 21 Nov, where it happened. Cardiothoracic anesthesiologist Dato' Dr. V. Kathiresan reviewed Abah on 20 Nov.

The rest is history. The 30 day drama of this CABG surgery episode can be chronologically referred in this blog.

On behalf of my family, I'd like to express our utmost sincere gratitude and appreciation for the kindness, thoughtfulness and compassion expressed and shown, prayers made and support and encouragement to us by families, friends, associates and even strangers. May Allah s.w.t., God al Mighty repay and reward all the great deeds done here, for our husband, father and Atuk.

The last but not least, I would like to express our utmost sincere gratitude and appreciation to Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang, Dato' Dr. V. Kathiresan, Dr. Mohd. Daud Sulaiman, Dr. Tamil Selvan, Dr. Zainuddin Md. Zin, OT and CICU staff, the SRNs and nurse aides at the fourth floor ward. Tribute also to the physiotherapists at 'Rehab', the radiographers, kitchen staff, customer service and cleaners.

This is Zakhir Mohamed, signing of for this CABG surgery episode.

Monday, December 10, 2007

An ANSARA member meeting the ANSARAwan and a second day of 'leave'

I started rather early today. I was at the hospital by 7.30am. Abah was reading the morning papers, right after breakfast.
Left: Abah reading the morning papers
I need to check on my old man before going down to credit control when the office is open for business, at 8.30am. There is a new bill needed to be settled and also, clarified. My niece, Alia was already in the suite, although she was still in her 'jim-jams'.

Then, off to Putrajaya International Convention Centre. I am attending the Anugerah Belia Felda Malaysia. I was seated with a few YBs and YB Senator Tan Sri Dato' Jins Shamsuddin.
Right: Being seated next to a veteran movie maker
We chatted about the current issues, especially with a lot of marchers and street demonstrations, almost weekly now. It is clear they are not happy and satisfied how things have been handled.

When I arrived, the Minister of Innovative, Science and Technology YB Dato' Dr. Jamaluddin Jarjis and Angkasawan Negara Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, who is also the ANSARAwan were seated on stage and in a forum, with the 3,000 odd youths representing the various FELDA schemes from all corners of the nation. It was a very good motivation for these youths to interact with him.
Left: With Angkasawan Negara aka ANSARAwan
Next to our table, was the VVIP table. As soon as their session is over, Dr. Sheikh went to seat at the VVIP table. Being an Ex-Muo, I immediately connected with him. I talked about how my daughter Aishah has her own blog and she blogged about his journey to space. He cordially gave my daughter an autograph.
Right: The Angkasawan Negara writting a note to Aishah
It was very sweet of him.

The moment lunch is served and Mawi started singing, I excused myself and hurried back to the hospital. But not before I sounded out to Dr. Sheikh that ANSARA Deputy President Roslan Bani Amin (representing Dato' Mukhriz Mahathir), Secretary General Ahmad Bazlan Che Kasim and ANSARA Muo Chapter Head Sallehuddin Hj. Ahmad Khalid was in the crowd, few tables behind us. Salahuddin Hj. Hisham was with them too. He instantly went up to look for these guys.
Left: The note
When I rushed back to the hospital, I called in and Tan Sri Mr. Yahya had not done his ward rounds yet. The moment I got there, I showed Girl-Girl the 'surprise'. The was thrilled and flabbergasted, in mixed emotions!

I'd be too, when I was eleven and my father suddenly came back with an autograph for Mokhtar "Super Mokh" Dahari (He was the hero of every nine, ten, eleven and twelve year olds boys, then!). Unfortunately, my father did not get the opportunity to be acquainted with the great footballer. In fact, all his friends then are either civil servants or politicians. So no autograph from a national hero for me, in the seventies.
Right: Calling Chu and telling her the 'surprise'. She can't call Mama as Mama was in a class
Then at 2.30pm, the eminent cardiothoracic surgeon Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang eventually arrived for his ward visits. He looked at the wound and happy that it has much improved. He would want Abah to stay on this tomorrow evening. To make Abah happy and his moral boosted further, Tan Sri Mr. Yahya allowed him to have another couple of hours 'leave'.
Left: The unmistakable happy face with the 'surprise'

So Abah left the hospital again, for a short while in two days and supposed to comeback by 6.30 pm.
Right: Tan Sri Mr. Yahya looking at the wound

The first thing he did, when he arrived home was to look at his Koi pond.
Right: Closely looking at the plants within the water feature
Then everything else was okay for him.

Another good neighbour, Toi See Yan, dropped in with his wife later in the evening. Toi, a Chartered Accountant and former Company Secretary of Abah's company is the elder brother of renowned Malaysian designer in New York, Zang Toi.
Right: They shared their experience in Dubai recently with Abah whilst having his dinner

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The twenty first day in hospital and Abah gets a 'leave'

I started late this morning. I was about to call it quits at two early this morning when Steven Spielberg's highly acclaimed monster movie of the mid seventies, "Jaws" was shown on TV. So I can't resist to watch the one single horrific beast that got me very weary when I am around a mass body of water, for years. I don't actually remember when exactly I fell asleep but I woke up at 5.30pm on the wrong side of the bed with the TV and half of the lights in bedroom on (my wife is at the hospital, with Aishah, accompanying my mother).

So I finally got out of bed at 8.30am. As I was still reading the Sunday morning papers online, the missus called from hospital at 9.20am saying that both cardiothoracic surgeon Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang and cardiologist Dr. Mohd. Daud Sulaiman agreed on a joint visit to allow my father to take leave and go home, for a few hours. They very well understood the termendous physical, psychological and emotional pressure that Abah had to endure these past three weeks, being 'couped' in hospital.

After the dressing and nebulizer treatment, he signed the leave papers and allowed to go home.
Left: The smiley face as they reached the lobby
It was indeed a surprise for him and to us too. The happiness is so apparent in his face. Instead of taking the "Enterprise", which give him difficulty to mount, I drove his Mercedes to he hospital.

I took the most careful and slowest drive I ever did in my life on the five minute drive home. It was even much 'gentler' than when I was driving a few brides and grooms to their wedding dinners.
Right: The careful and ultra gentle drive home

The moment he reached home, his focus was at his Koi pond. He walked to the pond and looked at the fishes. Then only he sat down whilst the two girls had McDonald's pancakes for breakfast.
Left: Turning the head towards the Koi pond as soon as he alighted from the car

The two minute stare at the fishes was therapeutic enough for him. He had invested so much time, attention and passion for the Koi pond.
Right: Feeling relieved and satisfied
It can clearly be shown that his motivation and discomfort has gone to the lowest level imaginable.

He also toured around the slight modification made in his absence, to the iron grill on the windows and sliding doors. I also took the opportunity to update him on the alarm system needed to be fixed after the contractors installed the new iron grills and the house was without alarm for a few nights because the alarm was in Johor for a few days. The maid served his some orange juice while he spent sometime on the breakfast table, next to the Koi pond and read the usually thick Sunday morning papers.
Left: Abah enjoying the chat while Aishah is making faces to her cousin

Later, he went to use the bathroom and had his letters sent up. I had an oxygen machine installed in his bedroom and made him use it, for a little extra precaution. It helps to make sure his oxygen level is near maximum, if not 100% in the blood. Aishah also periodically takes the measurement of his pulse and blood pressure.
Right: Resting on his bed and going through his mails. Note is using the oxygen machine
This is the first time he lied on the bed in twenty one days, although he had only been one KM away from home.

*An update, twelve hours later

In the afternoon, Abah's gardener and handyman Hafiz dropped in. So he went down again, talked about his garden and plants, of course his Koi pond. He personally supervised Hafiz maintain the pond.

At five-ish, after a nap, I took the missus grocery shopping at the nearby hypermarket. By quarter past six, I was already home as the old man was ready to go back to the infirmary. His wound needed dressing and its time for his antibiotics injection, on top of the pre-dinner medications he has to take. The moment I docked the "Enterprise", I went into his Mercedes and fire it up.

Then I helped him into the front seat of his car.
Left: Mounting in
Again, it was slow and ultra gentle drive back to Damansara Specialist Hospital. On the way, I told him my childhood buddy and Ex Koleq friend Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haizal Haron Kamar called to ask about my father. In his ultra busy schedule, he made time to find out about our predicaments. Dr. Haizal teaches cardiology at University Malaya/University Hospital Medical Centre.

As soon as I reached there, I helped him alight from the car, walked him to a wheel chair and then sped of, to pick the missus at home. Then to Taman Tun Dr. Ismail pasar malam to buy some fruits and dinner for the two girls. It was Restoran Ismail Nasi Beriyani, again.

Then off to Mutiara Damansara Burger King as Abah wanted a double cheese burger-Swiss mushroom for dinner. After dinner, while relaxing and watching the news on TV, about some lawyers who marched from Sogo to the Bar Council (which include some of my friends like Rocky and Zorro), I made him wear the oxygen. I am thinking it will help a little, to enrich his blood with oxygen, in this recovery process.
Right: Abah watching TV while having some desserts
I expect a rather busy and hectic day tomorrow. We hope that Tan Sri Mr. Yahya and Dr. Tamil Selvan (who will stand in for Dr. Daud, who will be away for a conference in Taiwan), will allow him to be discharged tomorrow. Of course, with a condition that he must do the dressing at the hospital, daily. I need to settle the bill first thing in the morning at the hospital, as more charges have accumulated since the last time I signed a checque. On top f that, I have to be at Putrajaya International Convention Centre by 10.00am. Should he is allowed to go home, I must rush immediately after Deputy Prime Minister Dato' Seri Mohamed Najib Tun Razak officiate the event.