Friday, November 30, 2007

A day of visitations and not so good news

The day started with some kariah from Masjid Mujahiddeen dropped by, to check on an old friend. They chatted for a bit. Later Dato' Junid came over again, after he heard Abah was readmitted in CICU.
Left: A concerned second visit of a 'zippers' survivor
Some of my mother's friends also called on her to give much appreciated moral support.

Then Aishah assisted SRN Malar A/P Supramani to dress my father's chest wound, after it oozes again a little. The young girl was eager to learn and experience new things.
Right: Aishah assisting SRN Malar

Just before noon, two of my father's former MARA colleagues called, after they heard on this surgery. Former Director General Dato' Mohd. Ridzuan Abdul Halim and former Director Dato' Abu Bakar Mohamed brought cheer to a contemporary, in his trying times.
Left: From right, Dato' Ridzuan and Dato' Bakar sharing a light moment
In the evening, another MARA contemporary, Ramli Arshad came with his wife, Fatimah.

Then it was about physiotherapy, again. Today was two sessions. The one in the evening, I arrived with Aishah and my niece Alia, after buying some oranges at SS 2. Dr. Daud wanted my father to improve on his potassium level, after few days of diuretics.
Right: My brother Najib 'cycling' with him at Rehab
During the second physiotherapy, Aishah developed sharp aches in the middle abdominal area. So I took her to the Accident and Emergency Department, to see a medical officer. She was diagnosed with mild heartburn or reflux and given magnesium milk for remedy. In half an hour, she was walking again.

I arrived back at the suite to find Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang doing his visits. He was discussing with Abah about his post recovery surgery. Apparently, the formation of the cage ribs was not so good, probably due to the intense coughing earlier in the week. Tan Sri Mr. Yahya might consider to remedy the situation by strengthening the stenum walls. That, will have to be decided sometime during the weekend. Otherwise, as the cardiothoracic surgeon explained, Abah might take longer time to heal.
Left: Tan Sri Mr. Yahya explaining the formation of the ribs together, post surgery
That changed my father's optimistic mood immediately. His upset can clearly be visible. His interests in food also affected. After dinner, he remained quiet for the rest of the evening, until we left at 10.00pm.

Looks like, he might be around DSH a little longer than he would preferred.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Out of CICU and encouraged to walk, again

The day started with eminent cardiothoracic surgeon Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang making his rounds at the CICU. He reviewed my father's case and felt that he was good to go back to the wards. Naturally that brought joy to my father. It is easy to tell that he was bored being 're-couped' back in the CICU for two days. However, he was more careful these past two days. He hardly moved and kept lying on his back, most of time.
Left: Tan Sri Mr. Yahya listening in on the heart
Tan Sri Mr. Yahya instead asked him to move about. He should be walking around the room and by tomorrow, the surgeon will decide whether my father should restart his physiotherapy exercises in the Rehab. Infact, Tan Sri Mr. Yahya said he will recuperate faster the more he walked.

So the nurses made the necessary arrangements to move him immediately, back along the long corridor to his room, right at the far end of the ward. Now, more people can visit and spend more quality time in private with him, especially his children.
Right: Moved back to the room, the easy way

This time, they wheeled his bed out of the CICU and exchanged it with the bed in the wards, instead of making him get out of bed, onto the wheelchair and get him onto another bed, 50 yards away.
Left: Being wheeled down the long corridor of fourth floor ward

He wasted no time on being optimistic in regaining his life back, the moment he arrived at the wards. As soon as the anxiety of being transfered subsided, he started to blow into the breathing apparatus. He did a little better than in the CICU earlier in the morning. Aishah, eagerly supervise and keep track of the score.
Right: Aishah helping out in breathing therapy

Left: Datuk Karim called on Abah
The moment he arrived in his suite, an old work colleague and my mother's friend for a long time, called on him. Former MARA Director General Datuk A. Karim Haron and Datin Ani brought both my parents a lot of cheer. They started in MARA together and have been promoted almost on the same day, throughout their service. My father called it quits after 24 years of service and opted for early retirement the moment he could whilst Dato' Karim stayed on to head the agency.

Later another MARA colleague dropped in. Former Deputy Director General Dato' Mohamed Zahudi Abdul Jalil also came by, for a chin-wag. Its a pleasure for these old work buddies to catch up of issues and the support given towards Abah for these trying moments is really encouraging.
Right: Dato' Zahudi sharing his experience about his only brother
Two other MARA contemporaries also came for a visit. A neighbour Hj. Mohamed A Bakar and former MARA Holdings Sdn. Bhd. MD Dato' Ismail. Dato' Ismail came after a round of golf at KLGCC, where he won a hole-in-one. The club treated him for a RM 2,000.00 Japanese dinner!

Today, he was very inspired to to do better, after Tan Sri Mr. Yahya's earlier 'pep talk', that he asked the physiotheraphist Hazimatul Akmal wheher he could try to walk along the corridor towards the nurses station. As promised, we asked here to come for the evening physiotherapy session after four. We walked with him, to ensure that he was encouraged.
Left: SRN Shazanur helped to bring the chair after physiotherapist Akmal walked him

Right: The 'posse' to walk him back to his bed
Of course the moment he almost got the nurses station, he had to sit down for a while. Akmal said their SOP is when a "Cabbage" (Cardio Aterial By-Pass Graft or CABG) patient passed the 'six minute on the threadmill test'. Abah is inspired more!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Second day in second CICU session

I arrived at my father's bed in the CICU, only to find that he was moved into the private room within the closely monitored ward. My mother and wife was giving him breakfast. Soon, my wife left for work.

Dr. Daud came and reviewed his case and he was happy that there was no more oozes from the chest wound. Later Tan Sri Mr. Yahya came to visit this patient, just before he went in to do a coronary by-pass surgery on a man from Johor Bahru. He too was satisfied but insist my father be observed further.

I went to the suite and got my darling daughter Aishah to get dress and accompany to do some errants. Whilst running for errands, my cousin called as he dropped in to check on my father. He was on his way to Kuala Terengganu, in preparation of the Moonsoon Cup '07. He came to visit, all the way from Singapore twice last week. When we arrived back at the hospital, it was at almost lunch time. So Aishah and my mother fed my father. Since his cough got worse, his zest for food was no longer as it was a few days earlier.

Right: Aishah helping Atuk when he was coughing
She did rather brilliantly, for an eleven year old girl, in helping out to make my father more comfortable during these past ten days. At times, she'd be in the CICU just to accompany him and make sure he is assisted, when ever required, especially when one of those profuse cough attacks.

Left: Dr. Daud sharing his humanitarian efforts experience in Indonesia to Hj. Hassan
A little after six, an old chum from Muo, Hj. Hassanudin dropped in again, especially after I text message him and a few other close personalities to Abah. Again, we are most appreciative of his support and thoughtfulness. In the midst of the visit, Dr. Daud did his evening rounds. He just finished an angiogram case in the Cardio Vascular Lab, which is adjacent to the CICU. Apparently, Dr. Daud has heard of Hj. Hassanuddin, as he is a known community leader amongst the Muslim within Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. Dr. Daud also trained Hj. Hassanuddin's son, Dr. Haizan when he was a junior physician. Now Dr. Haizan is a endoscopic physician in HUKM, Cheras.

Moments later, Hj. Hassanuddin excused himself and in the middle of the usual chats with Dr. Daud, cardiothoracic anaesthetists Dato' Dr. V. Kathiresan and stand-in-cardiologist for Dr. Daud, Dr. Tamil Selvan (who admitted my father on 19 November when Dr. Daud was away in Indonesia) popped in to see how he was getting along. The smiles carved on the faces of these gentlemen, including the patient says it all.
Right: From left, Dr. Tamil Selvan, Dato' Dr. Kathiresan and Dr. Daud
Again, we are so glad that that Abah made the decision to have his coronary by-pass here at Damansara Specialists Hospital, where is being cared and treated amongst 'friends'. That is so comforting and made the process of healing and recuperating much better.

In the evening, my cousin Datuk Dr. Mahmood A. Kadir and his wife, dropped in for a visit. They have been closely following my father's progress, even though he was out of town during the first few days of the surgery. He shared some of the experiences of friends, colleagues and close associates in having their coronary by-pass. Their visit definitely brought my father lots of joy.
Left: Datuk Dr. Mahmood and Datin Teh
On the way out, they bumped into Tan Sri Mr. Yahya, who came and do his rounds for the night. He promised to review my father's case in the morning and if there is no fresh oozes in the wound, he'd allow Abah back to his suite.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A full day of physiotherapy but later has to be readmitted back into CICU

The day started with cardiologist Dr. Daud making his rounds at a little past 9.00am. All was well, except for the intense coughing and phlegm. So he ordered my father's combivent inhalation to be increased to 6 hourly and his physiotherapy and exercises will start twice daily, from today. That is supposed to help him recuperate.

At quarter past ten, the Rehabilitation orderly came to pick him up. I and Aishah accompanied him down to the ground floor. She was a reliable eleven year old Cucu Pertama to Atuk. She carried downstairs a box of tissue paper and his breathing exercise apparatus for him.

First it was the hand exercises. Abah did this without any pain on his chest.

Then he was made to do the 'bicycle'. Note that he has the sphygmomanometer (what a mouthful word!) cuff on his left arm. The UiTM trained physiotherapist was very careful to check his pulse and bloodpressure each time before and after an activity is carried out, on top of his continuous oxygen inhalation throughout.

Later, she made him stroll up and down the Rehab'. Aishah walked with him as someone needs to 'walk' the oxygen tank. Dr. Daud insisted that my father gets oxygen where ever and whatever he does, to ensure full recuperation.

She skipped the steps and to end the session, he made Abah breathe through the heated mentholated inhalation. I know this was not a pleasant thing to do, but it was necessary to help him breathe and excrete the phlegm in the lungs.

The moment he reached the suite, he had some sleep. Later, his lawyer and neighbour Rajes Patel dropped by. They chatted for a bit, although my father no longer have a voice, because of the excessive coughing. His partner Jamalul Hisham called me from the office slightly earlier before Rajes came.

Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang dropped by to see his patient, in the middle of this chit-chat. He was told about the achievements in the Rehab earlier and was happy with the progress. He came in the afternoon, after completed another coronary by-pass case.

At quarter past seven, Dr. Daud did his second round for the day. The issue at hand is still about his coughing. He explained that it was necessary that my father cough and sit the phlegm out, to get better. He also said that the oedema on the left lung is getting better.

I walked Dr. Daud out. In the corridor, I was talking to him of his fatigueness and much less energetic, as compared to when he first discharged from the CICU. He explained that the cough drained the 'energy' out of him and of course, I caused a lot of pain and discomfort.

In the middle of this conversation, my brother rushed to us and said "Doctor, my father's chest started to bleed!" and we followed him towards my father. There he was, coughing while some blood oozed from a gash opening in the middle of the chest. Dr. Daud picked a few sheets of tissue paper and presses on the gash while the SRN was being called. Soon, the gash was dressed with sterile gauges and more SRNs appeared, including the Sister-in-charge of the A & E department and OT.

Tan Sri Mr. Yahya was called and Dr. Daud personally spoke to him. In minutes, Tan Sri Mr. Yahya appeared and checked on his patient. The dressing was good but he asked the Sister to get a 'corset' to bound my father's upper torso, so that when coughed, the movement and friction between the ribs and wounded area is very much lessen. He also ordered my father to be transfered back to CICU for close monitoring.

Shows clearly Tan Sri Mr. Yahya did not want to take any chances. Whilst in CICU, he ordered a chest x-ray be shot. Later, Dr. Daud reviewed the x-ray and ordered an echo cardiogram machine to be brought up from the Diagnostics. He performed the echo test on the heart and found it to be a good condition. There was no evidence of fluid build up around the heart. He immediately called Tan Sri Mr. Yahya on the phone and more painkillers will be given, to help my father rest.

My wife, who arrived from work late as she had classes to do and some of the important ones last week, prepared his dinner to be brought into the CICU and my mother fed him at about 9.30pm, since he had not had anything to eat since lunch. He had a few spoonfuls and lost his appetite. Instead, I asked the SRNs in the CICU to make him some hot milo, incase he will get hungry.

We left him at 10.15pm and I left the hospital for home at 10.30pm. I have another problem at home; the alarm on my parent's side cannot be activated. Later I learnt the dedicated Dr. Daud only arrived at home close to midnight and assured me that my father is alright.

My faith on the professionalism of the surgeons, anaesthethists, physicians and other healthcare personnel which include OT and CICU technicians, nurses and physiotherapists at Damansara Specialists Hospital is very much at its peak.

Monday, November 26, 2007

My father developed oedema on the fifth night

I woke up at just before 6.45am, this morning. Somehow, I did not get out of bed yet because I thought it is still too early to do anything, including to waddle over to Damansara Specialists Hospital ( a routine these past eight days). A moment later, I got in front of my PC, to check on what's happening on the planned demonstration at the Kuala Lumpur British High Commission, which was earlier declared as an "illegal assembly" and the Police actually got a rare court order to refrain the public from the demonstration/rally. Since the past eight days or so, I missed most of the finer things happening all over the town and just focused on the issue at hand!

As I was reading around the blogs, news agency reports and mainstream media pieces, suddenly at 7.10am, my darling wife (who with my daughter spent their second night at the suite, relieving my sister) text messaged me from my father's suite which read "Abah's demam, BP shot up to 150/90 as at 4.45am. He had shortness of breath". I showered, changed and rushed to the hospital, in record speed. He was sound asleep when I arrived, after given painkillers by the night nurse. I asked the morning shift to summon Dr. Daud ASAP, whom always arrive at the hospital around this time, every morning. When he realised I was by his bed, he complained of palpitations.

I was afraid that something he had or should not have, yesterday or last night, since we had some amount of food and he was enjoying it.
Right: Food have to be taken in smaller bites and slowly
By 8.00am, Dr. Daud did his rounds. When he listened to my father's chest and heard his complaints, he summed it up that my father is developing oedema (water retention) on the left lung. He explained that it is quite common for coronary by-pass patients to develop such condition post surgery, as the heart is not strong enough (as pre-surgery) and it takes time to bring up the lungs to full and normal operations and capacity, after it was shut down during surgery. Dr. Daud also explained that my father is off most of his heart medications since almost a week ago. This, will effect his blood pressure and also cause a little palpitation. As a remedy, he ordered my father to be issued with some of his heart medications and also diuretics, to help him excrete the water in the lungs.

Soon, my father started to urinate. It is a little cumbersome, especially he insist to do it in the bathroom, instead into the disposable urinal which is attached to his bed. So we have to assist him gently out of bed, walk him (with assistance) to the bathroom and ensure that he does not fall down in the process. I also asked the staff nurses to help him shower (so that he will feel better).

By 11.00 am, Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang popped by. He reviewed my father's case and instructed a chest x ray be done, to understand the lungs better. Again, after having to see both Tan Sri Mr. Yahya's and Dr. Daud's face, he felt a little better.
Left: Tan Sri Mr. Yahya checking on his breathing and heart
Later, the Senior General Surgeon of DSH, Dato' Dr. Haron Ahmad dropped by to see how my father was getting along. My father was sitting on the chesterfield armchair, starring aimless at the TV and he was happy that my father looked good.

My good friend Salahuddin Hisham dropped by at lunch time, to see how my father was getting along. They chatted for a bit. Later, we had a short and small meeting at the lounge. Half an hour later, he walked me and my brother down accompanying my father for the x ray at the Radiology, on the ground floor. After that, he left to go to the bank, before it is closed for the day.
Right: Salahuddin and Abah, catching up

Left: Idah calling on her only surviving uncle
My cousin, Khalidah Hassan and her husband of 22 years, Rashid dropped by after work. They were relieved to see my father is doing well. Like many, who heard the word "coronary by-pass", shivers and goosebump struck their system with immediate eerie effect.

Right: Invasion of 'private corner' is not welcomed!
Somehow, not everything 'affected' everyone. Some, actually having a-ball-of-their-lives, on our drastic change of lifestyle and activities. Like these two lovely girls. One was given a complete set of Barbie (as a 'bribe' because her mother can no longer pay attention to her as much as she wanted to), while the other took advantage on the new-found-treasures and led how it will be played. They have their own private corner at the suite.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

'Picnic' in fourth floor ward

The day started with me, waking up and first mission is to deliver homecooked nasi lemak to my father' suite, for the 'occupants' and 'permanent' features there. Even before I left home at 7.45am, my sister called to ask me to get some Starbucks coffee and croissants for Abah. "Where am I going to get gourmet coffee and croissants, at 8.00am, on a Sunday????" I asked myself.

So instead, I got some teh tarik.

Soon after I arrived, Dr. Daud made his ward rounds. He was happy with my father's progress, despite that there are times last night, my father coughed profusely. Of course, that came with a lot of discomfort and pain. He also asked my father to 'inhale' on the apparatus (issued by the rehabilitation department), to see my father's progress on his ability to breathe. He explained that my father's heart and lungs were totally shut down during the surgery and it will take time and exercise to bring it back to its previous ability.

We also took time to ask about his own ailing mother. Then we started talking about his involvement with humanitarian work, abroad. Since he had time to spare, he sat and shared some of his stories and experiences. It started with Afghanistan since 2001. Then the Tsunami in Aceh, North Sumatra, December 2004. Followed by the North Pakistan earthquake in 2005. Then the earthquake in Java and war stricken Lebanon, 2006. Every year, he will make time from his busy schedule, for these humanitarian work. He also explained how his organisation is also involved with education and economic programs, such as providing education for unfortunate children and dishing out micro loans for single mothers, in the interior of Indonesia and Pakistan. It was indeed an eye-opening session, for the plight of so many unfortunate and destitute people, especially orphans.

Then came along his childhood friend from Muo, Hj. Hassanudin Ghaffar. Hj. Hassan organised a special prayer session for him at his privately funded mosque, in Pinggiran Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. Both are so glad to have met again, in great spirit after the successful surgery. Being a community leader, who have seen it all, Uncle Hassan gave Abah a lot of tips how to recuperate and bring his strength and energy level up.

About lunch time, my cousin Datuk Dr. Mahmood A. Kadir, who was away on business trip when Abah had his surgery on Wednesday, called to see his only surviving uncle. Abang Mahmood was just being himself, always there when his support is needed most. Then another Abah's childhood buddy from Muo, Dato' Ahmad Adam and Datin Faridah dropped by. Our families been as close friends, for a very long time. Datin Faridah's father, former UMNO Permanent Chairman Allahyarham Tun Sulaiman Ninam Shah and my late grandfather were in the nationalist party, as comrades since the 1940s. All were invited to have lunch with Abah and Mak.

Its good to see his appetite improved. Tan Sri Mr. Yahya allowed him to have anything as he wishes for the first month, so that his energy level is improved. Then onwards, he will be regimented to a diet program.

At elevenish, I was asked to get the famous 'Arab Street' "Murtabak Singapura, Tulang Steak and Mee Goreng Mamak" from Victory of USJ. So everyone feasted, especially the children. They too had loads of fun. Both, were in constant 'competition' of each other, in almost everything. I guess, the antics of these two girls brought joy to Abah, which in a way helped his recuperation.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Abah is now back to the wards

This morning, I arrived just after Abah had his full breakfast again. On top of the usual hospital kitchen prepared first meal of the day, my sister made him some half-boiled eggs. He was palpitating a bit. My mother said he just had some coughing and that raised the pulse and blood pressure.

Dato' Dr. V. Kathiresan arrived shortly after me. As he reviewed my father, he said that my father had no asthma, nor odoema (water in the lungs), although you can hear him 'wheez'. The 'wheezing' sound is from the phelgm in the throat and upper track. He also explained that my father's heart rate is a bit erratic since the surgery, he was not given his usual heart medication like Cozaar. He assured, no need to worry. As soon as the pulse go below hundred (it was one hundred fifty five as at 8.00am), he'd let my father go back to the wards to recuperate further.

Moments later, three of his mosque kariah and friends very close to him in the neighbourhood, arrived to call on an ill friend. Hj. Aris, Hj. Rahmat and Hj. Khalil brought cheer to my father. They chatted for a bit. These men organised the special prayers held at Al Mujahiddeen Mosque two nights ago. It was very clear relieve shown in their faces.
Left: Visiting fellow mosque kariah

Soon Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang also popped by. He said my father should be going back to the wards and everyone was happy about that. Hence, the SRN in the CICU bathed and shampooed him and he had the first non-OT clothes in more than 72 hours. That cheered him.
Right: Tan Sri Mr. Yahya and Dato' Dr. Kathiresan on a joint review on the case

Then the physiotheraphist came and he did the exercises. It was good for him and he was very inspired to regain his life. Then the transfer came. He was so zestful to go back to the wards that he actually wanted to walk to his suite. Of course he was not allowed to, even though he used "Tun Dr. Mahathir walked after his by-pass to his suite" excuse.
Left: Leaving the CICU, for all the right and good reasons

My father left the Cardiac ICU for his suite with a lot of relieve and gratefulness. 78 hours earlier, he was wheeled down this long corridor for a venture once in a life time. Now he is being wheeled, with a new lease of life.
Right: Retracing the path which brought betterment

In the wards, his long time friend and survivor of the coronary by-pass Dato' Junid Yusof and Datin Che' Yah came to call on him. That also cheered him.
Left: Former KGNS Vice President Dato' Junid Yusof visiting a friend of 40 years

In the middle of exchaging notes, his cardiologist, Dr. Mohd. Daud Sulaiman popped by for the first time since his admission on Monday. He was away on leave, to do humanitarian and missionary work in downtrodden interiors of Indonesia. It was relieved to see him now taking charge of my father's post surgery.
Right: In the care of the arms of a friend

My aunty and her husband, who specially came to KL from Johor Bahru just to be with my father, also popped by again, for the day. They have been around the wards since Tuesday evening, often twice daily.
Left: Three ex-golfers, who are also survivors of coronary by-pass and angioplasty, sharing points

Friday, November 23, 2007

Abah is eating well and exercising

When I arrived at 8.00am at the Cardiac ICU this morning (I was a little late because I forgotten to set the alarm before turning off), my mother and sister was feeding him breakfast. He had a hearty meal, of oatmeal and nuts porridge, a slice of toast and some tea. He was hungry, after not eating for over 60 hours. He actually had the whole breakfast and asked for some eggs.
Left: A hearty breakfast, the most important meal in three days!

Later, when Dato' Dr. V. Kathiresan came, he ordered most of tubes attached to him to be taken off and allowed my father to be discharged from the CICU and go back to wards, to continue recuperate. He was happy with the progress, despite my father did not have the best night's sleep last night (probably due to too much sleep in the daytime and some 'chesty' feeling he has breathing).
Right: Dato' Dr. V. Kathiresan doing his rounds

My wife and daughter arrived at 10.00am with a rack of eggs and the soft-boil egg maker. So he had his two eggs and soy sauce, for mid morning snack.
Left: Aishah watches Atuk enjoying his two half-boiled Omega LTK eggs

I took the shots of his wound, both on his chest and his right leg, when the SRN in-charge cleaned and nurse the wounds.
Right: Wound on his right leg where the veins were harvested for the three grafts on the heart

Left: The wound on the chest

Later two of his closest friends, Haji Aris Maarof (who was kind enough to organise a special prayer session at our mosque, Masjid Al Mujahiddeen) and childhood buddy Ibrahim Abd. Hamid popped by to visit a friend and express their care. He said 130 people turned up for the sembahyang hajat and doa selamat. My mother's mengaji (Quran reading) group also organised a similar prayer session.

This is Hj. Aris's second visit here in CICU. A true neighbour indeed.
Right: Hj. Aris visiting

Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang did his rounds at 12.45pm, after a hole-in-the-heart surgery to an 18 month old girl. When he reviewed my father's case, he concured to Dato' Dr. Kathiresan's decision.
However, I raised the point that my father was 'wheezing' as he breathe, especially lying down. So Tan Sri Mr. Yahya decided that my father should spent another night in CICU, so that he can be monitored more closely and assisted quickly, whenever he his intense cough strikes (which is a very painful experience).

Later, Dato' Dr. Kathiresan ordered my father to be given the combivent nebulizer treatment, every eight hourly to reduce his 'wheezing'. As the experienced anaesthetists explained pre-surgery, patients who smoked will suffer from intense or heavy cough and phlegm, in recovery of a coronary by-pass surgery.

I am actually surprise that for a smoker of fifty years, his cough was not that bad (I was imagining worse!). After most of the tubes were taken off, he was able to move and toss from side-to-side more freely. He should sleep better with this new 'freedom'.

After lunch, the physiotherapist Akmal came up to help him do some light and breathing exercises. He was required to move his hands and legs. Some breathing exercises too was encouraged, especially in his own time.

BTW, some will ask me why I produced the not-so-desireable photos of the coronary by-pass wounds in here. My answer is simple: I'd like to share what I learned about this experience. So many people find this surgery so "heavy" and "difficult", even too worrysome but it actually its quite bearable. I hope more people can benefit from people like me sharing my experiences here, in bloggosphere.

Tan Sri Mr. Yahya Awang, Dato' Dr. V. Kathiresan and the whole team, did a wonderful job and they have an excellent track record in Damansara Specialists Hospital. I produce all these postings, in recognition to them.