Thursday, September 27, 2007

My blogger friends did the 'walk'

This morning, some of my blogger friends did the 'walk', from the Palace of Justice to the Perdana Putra (Prime Minister's Office). The posse assembled in front of POJ at 1100am and the thousand of them walked to the PMO, in an event organised by the Bar Council.

These are their photos:

The bloggers that I know in their snazzy black & white (especially Rocky, shirt tucked in!)

The Malaysia-Today editor

The blogger who had to walk the extra 4-5km!

A Kelantanese born former DAP man

The tall-man-blogger

However, I wasn't there, not even the witness the 'walk'. Infact, I was at home, recuperating from a painful joint ailment, caused by a side-effect of mineral imbalance (after my succesful bariatric gastric by-pass twelve weeks ago) and reduced water intake (for doing the fast this Ramadhan, although some physicians thought I should not started to fast this early after the radical surgery). On top of that, I had diarrhea since yesterday, due to medication taken to correct the pain. So I have not left my room since over 48 hours ago.

The last time I did something remotely resembled a 'walk' was twenty five years ago. The whole batch of us walked from Pekan Nenas, Pontian to Bakri, Muo in four days, under the scorching mid-day sun and evening torrential rains. The journey was 160km; part of our post-SRP program, designed to keep ourselves occupied. In hindsight, it was not the most responsible thing to do, especially we trailed along the main trunk road from Pekan Nenas-Pontian-Benut-Batu Pahat-Parit Jawa-Bukit Mor-Bakri, going against traffic.

I must salute our principal, En. Abdul Hamid Zamburi. He wanted us to have a lot of "semangat", discipline, sense of patriotism and nationalism and of course, grow up with leadership qualities and a high sense responsibility. So there we were, testing our organisational skills, leadership, comradeship, discipline, survivality, wit, strength of spirit and sheer determination to succeed, reflective in our ability to work as a team. We walked the talk, we walked tall. Most of all, we were all just merely fifteen then!

Today, I saw all of that in the people who walked in Putrajaya (minus the 'fifteen year old factor'), even though I was not there. I may not agree with their cause, but its the spirit that I respected, enough to document the feat here in this blog, now.

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