Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The typical ride in 'The Enterprise'

This recent journey to and from Johor Bahru-Singapore, was on 'The Enterprise', just had been for us, since 11 years ago. It has been a very reliable machine, right from day one. Never before it failed on me during these past 11 years.

We are the sort of family which bring everything, everywhere.

We brought almost everything we need at all times during our 4-5 days overnight, whenever we away from home somewhere in the country.

We'd have the portable fridge in the car (keeps the drinks cold and fruits taken as snack during the journey fresh), our 'Super-Soaker' guns, clothes for a week (even though we plan just to stay for 4 days - a redundancy system I have), toaster (so that we have fresh toast after a swim or some light snack in the middle of the night), personal items which include a portable nebulizer and food like milo, creamer, cookies, UHT milk and a loaf of bread. Of course medications and the notebook, with peripherals are packed as well. Even my regular pillow is a must, everywhere I go.

We'd usually have 'stow-aways' on board too. Girl-Girl had never left home without her 'trusted companions' and reading materials, tucked in a pink Minnie Mouse wheeled bag (can be seen at the lower left hand corner of 'The Enterpise'). She took these toys almost everywhere, even going Hari Raya visiting. In December 2000, we were at Seri Perdana for second day Hari Raya, PM Dato' Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad had a conversation with her (then four), about her IKEA Kangaroo. Dr. Mahathir later placed a 'duit raya' packet in the pouch of the kangaroo.

My closests friends say I suffer from the 'Formula One syndrome'. Its more like US Forces in Iraq, where they almost brought every single thing they require and can think of for their operations.

Then we drove from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur yesterday, which was very pleasant. There was not much traffic, despite in was still Hari Raya holidays to many. However, the weather was not encouraging. I was so happy passing through the North-South Highway at Seremban with reasonably very light traffic, at 110-120km/h; something never been achieved before at 4th or 5th day Hari Raya in the twelve years I have done these sort of trips.

It seemed the upgrade of the third lane on the North-South Highway from Nilai to Air Keroh has been 98% completed and managed to ease of a lot of traffic pressure, especially during festivities.

'The Enterprise' managed to do Senai to Sungai Besi (toll house-toll house) in 2 hours 50 minutes, despite very bad weather and heavy down pour between Simpang Renggam and Pagoh (some part where visibility was down to almost zero), in a very acceptable fuel economy.

This typically how we as a family have been traveling, regardless for Hari Raya, wedding invitations or simply holiday, to far away places like Alor Star.

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