Sunday, October 14, 2007

The trip to Singapore, 2 Syawal 1428H

After the swim, we got dressed and pushed off across the Johor Straits. Its our ritual the past twelve Hari Raya, we'd drive down to Pusara Aman, Chua Chu Kang where my father-in-law (whom I have never met) is interned. My sister tagged along, as we wanted to some shopping.

When we turned into the road leading to the Causeway, it was bumper-to-bumper. I'd recokned it will take at least forty five minutes before we managed to cross and maybe an hour more to get through the strict and paranoid Singaporean authorities.

So we turned around at City Square and proceeded to the Second Link, that cross the Johor Strait into Tuas. It was a pleasant ride and the was hardly traffic. We passed Nusa Jaya on the left, the new administrative capital of Johor and the heart of Iskandar Development Region, launched last November.

So were proceeded to enter Singapore through the Tuas check point.

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