Friday, October 12, 2007

Last Buka Puasa, 1428H

Tonight had our last Buka Puasa or iftar. Everyone were there. My brother and his family is sleeping over at my parent's place, which is next door. I have my three nieces running loose in our home. They are just kids and when they meet, its just like other pre-schoolers convention; a lot giggling, screaming and naturally, playing.

Me? I am the Big-Bad-Bear to these kids!

The household were on feast preparation all day long. My sister weaved all the ketupats since yesterday. My missus was doing the kuah kacang and all the baking in the household. I was busy all day with the Pajero, in anticipation of the 350km journey down south to continent Asia's southern most city. 'The Enterprise' of course needed extra care because it has been in my service coming to eleven years now.

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