Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The 'Super-Soaker' fight at the Pool

We had a 'Super-Soaker' fight in the morning of the third Hari Raya. All the kids and their parents were at the pool by nine, right after breakfast. Except for Aishah, the other kids were introduced to 'Pak Long's Super-Soakers' for the first time.

Naturally there were a lot of screaming-shouting-ducking (I literally mean, 'duck'!). The kids had termendous amount of fun for three solid hours till noon. Then its time to leave the pool and get dress for lunch.

My cousin, Nasser Ismail invited us for some soto (her wife Linda is an exemplary cook) before he left for Dubaii via Sultan Ismail International Airport and KLIA, in the evening.

Then my parents, siblings and the posse left home for Kuala Lumpur at five.

And this was two years ago 'Super Soaker' photo opp. This was the first time we introduced the 'Super Soakers' to the Puteri Pan Pacific Hotel in Johor Bahru.


Nur said...

Pak Long tak aci....!!! Ada gun besor

Zakhir's Zoo said...

Mestilah gun Pak Long besor. Kalau bagi sikenit kenit ni pakai gun besor Pak Long, bukan larat nak pikul pun!

So bagilah gun kecik kecik ja....... (Nasib baik Pak Long beli juga gun kecik, dpaat jugalah sikenit kenit ni guna!)