Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ahirudin "Rocky" Attan quoted me

Primero blogger Ahirudin "Rocky" Attan, who was the Executive Editor for Malay Mail and Head Honcho for Business Times not too long ago, quoted me in his column in the Singapore's New Paper.

This was about his article on Tunku Mahkota Johor YAM Tunku Ibrahim Ismail Ibni Sultan Iskandar, the heir apparent to the Johor throne which so many Johoreans love and respect. Recently, Rocky had the opportunity to bond with the 'rakyat prince' in his annual Kembara Mahkota Johor, on Harleys.

This is not the first time Rocky quoted me. The immediate the one before this was when Rocky wrote about a 23 year old aide Mohd. Saiful Bukhari Azlan made a Police report against former Deputy Prime Minister and now PKR adviser Anwar Ibrahim last month, which caused a lot of attention. In some ways, I have been his reference in his articles so many times already.


Anonymous said...

So Rocky quoted you. So what is it you are trying to say? Is there a sub-text here?

kudahitam said...

ahirudin quoted me, so BIG DEAL