Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I, "Commander Riker"

Often, I asked very close friends. Friends who observed close what sort of personality I really am. Friends who understand my moods and temperaments. What sort of management characteristics I posses?

Would I make a good leader?

Most of them, said "No". Some with a little bit of doubt. Others convincingly state their case. Most would agree I make a very good aide or lieutenant to a leader. But not the leader himself. I'd probably undertake task assigned by the Boss. But not as the Boss. One even said "You'd make a good 'Boss's boy' but a lousy 'Boys' Boss'! ".

I guess, it was enough.

Frankly, I have always thought of myself as an 'Executive Officer'. I have never seen myself as the 'Commanding Officer'. Not even a small unit. Maybe the COO. Not the CEO. Even when my CO is promoted to a bigger unit, I'd rather stay under his/her wing than be given of my own command.

Why? For a start, I'd make a darn good researcher for my leader. I' d present the case in total. However, I don't think I could put myself to be the one who makes the decision and stand by it, especially if it is a bad decision. I would rather 'advise' someone else to do it and support him or her in realising the execution, without actually fronting the full burden of responsibility.

Just like "Commander William T. Riker", the Executive Officer (XO) of NCC 1701E, "Enterprise E". He was the second-in-command of the Starfleet flagship under Captain Jean Luc Picard for many years, starting from "Enterprise D". Even when he was given the command of his own ship, USS Melbourne, he chose to remain onboard "Enterprise E" under Picard.

I see myself as Cdr. Will Riker (Obviously NEVER remotely good looking!). I see myself as Captain Matt Garth under Rear Admiral Jack Fletcher in the Midway campaign. I even see myself as Gen. George S. Patton under Gen. Omar N. Bradley in the post D-Day French expeditory campaign. In many ways, I want to be Brig. Gen. Lewis A. Armistead, in the Battle of Gettysburg, who took Lt. Gen. James "Pete" Longstreet's command and instruction. Armistead lost his life on that field, being loyal to Pete Longstreet's suicidal instruction.

Regardless what people might say, I believe I have the qualities of the XO of the "Enterprise E"; methodological, resourceful, innovative and above all, extremely loyal. In a day's work, the CO would to turn to me and say "Number One, make it so!", decisively.

P/S: Oh yes, I am a Trekkie!

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