Thursday, July 17, 2008

Girl-girl is twelve today

My gem of my life, Girl-Girl is twelve today.

I brought her and momma to a dinner treat at the local TGIF, in One Utama. Of course, being the birthday girl, almost the entire servers came to sing and wish her, for her most important day this year. They made her stand on her chair and insist that she gives a speech.

Right: Making a speech and she wished for her own notebook!

She's grown far from 21 inch to 5' 4", today. From a little over 3 kg, twelve years later she is over 60kg heavier.

Left: Being made to blow the single candle from three feet away

My missus's co-worker bought her a L'occitane perfume, despite against advice for a gift. Its her first perfume.

I still remember exactly twelve years ago, I held her in my arms. The first words I whispered to her ears were prayers call. Today, she is now a twelve old daughter that every father dreamed of. These past twelve years had been the most joyous moments of the both of us.


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Emancipator said...

I'm not married but I've seen how fast my nephews and nieces grew up to become adults ..... good that you're making memorable moments with your daughter .....