Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Meeting a sister of an old friend

Last night, I was fortunate enough to be invited to Ministry of Defense "Media Night". First time, in its history, bloggers were invited. There were top notch bloggers like Rocky Bru, Nuraina A. Samad and online dailies like Agenda Daily. Small time blogger like yours truly was also invited.

I was introduced to this lady, Aznifah Ghani, who is a career diplomat with a Malaysian mission in Europe. So we had a chat and it went on a little while longer, post party. Suddenly, it just hit me!

She is the younger sister of my long lost sixth form buddy!

Lt. Col. Azlan Iskandar "Jack" A. Ghani is now a battalion commander somewhere in the Royal Malaysian Army.

Right: My friend Jinggo took this shot

It was a very pleasant surprise, indeed. I shall call my old buddy, Jack, tomorrow and surprise him. Last I heard of him, was over ten years ago. He was still a Captain in His Majesty's army.

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A.Ghani said...

Zakhir, this is my first time visiting this blog and I cannot believe that there's a post about our little chance meeting at MINDEF's do. Sorryla dude, I so wanna kill your Mr.Jinggo friend for the very oh-unflattering photo. So not good. Not good at all. He can call me and I'll give him a better photo.