Thursday, June 12, 2008

At the top of the city

Today, I had a meeting in KLCC, the world renowned office address in Kuala Lumpur. I was fortunate, that the meeting was held on the 86th floor of one of the towers.

Right: On the 86th floor, facing the other tower

It was an amazing experience, all over again. The first time I was here, was exactly ten years ago and it was still under renovation. My MBA buddy, Paul F. Gorter was the fit-out contractor, then.

Left: On the KL 'Golden Triangle' part of the building. Note Malaysia Airlines, Chase Morgan and Promet buildings on the back (right above my head) are way down there, despite sitting on a hill! So is the top of UOA building and part of KLCC Convention Centre

It was the highest office floor in the building. It had a very commanding view of Kuala Lumpur and its surroundings. When I look out the window, I was actually perched at least a thousand feet from the street.

It was awesome!

And the weather was good. Although there was a slight haze, but still I could seem miles. The 86th floor is actually the same level as the Seri Angkasa restaurant in the Menara KL, although the communications tower is perched on Bukit Nenas Hill and KLCC is on Jalan Ampang.

Right: The KLCC Park and KLCC Convention Centre, at an elevation of at least a thousand feet from the street. Note the roof top of the 30 floor Mandarin Oriental hotel, at the bottom right hand corner.

I must imagine the employees of this particular MNC must have really great work motivation just by going to work. Especially, its International Business Division, which is on the 80th floor.

Left: Another angle of the KL main central business district. Note the KL Tower in the background. So is the Shangril-la Hotel, way down there!

*Please click on photo to see much better


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