Sunday, May 25, 2008

Taking the Melbourne Tram experience

This morning, I took the posse on the Melbourne Tram experience, although we have a rented car. We took tram no. 59 right infront of our apartment on Flemington Rd. to the Queen Victoria Market on Elizabeth Rd. Since it was a lazy Sunday, it would be too much hassle waiting and going on the tram.

Right: In the tram, infront of the Melbourne University

I must say its a rather complicated experience. One has to purchase the ticket on the tram from the machine and slot into the ticket machine. Means you have to know when you are going and choose the right options.

Left: Figuring out the rather complicated ticket machine on the trams

We bought some souvenirs at the Victoria market. It is rather a good bargain, for souvenir hunters. Also some seafood for dinner. I think the food here is rather expensive.

Right: At the seafood section

Update as at 6.30pm Melbourne time (8.30pm Kuala Lumpur time), 25 may 2008

After Victoria Market, we went back to Park Squire Inn to unload. Whilst the missus did her research how to get to Mount Martha on Mornington Peninsula, I made this posting. Then, with a planned route and she do the navigating, we drove towards Frankston, at the south east corner of the Melbourne bay.

Left: Falcon navigator

So we took a drive along the suburbs of south east Melbourne, past the eastern gates of Melbourne University campus. I was awed the size of melbourne metropolitan. We drove for 1 1/2 hours from the city and its still surburbia.

Right: The Falcon cruising along east of Melbourne moving towards Mornington Peninsula

Eventually, after two hours, we finally got to where we wanted. The missus wanted to go the beach where the beach boat houses are painted in various colours. So went looking for it.

Left: The colourful beach huts

Then on the way back, we stopped to have lunch at Schnappers point. It was a pier at the edge of Mornington town. We saw few large stingrays at the bottom of the waterbed. Also some jellyfish. First time I saw these animals in their own habitat.

Right: At Schnapper's pier

It was awesome! There were some divers about to go around under the pier, looking for fishes. The restaurant's fish and chips and scones with thick fresh cream were rather good. It cost us AUD thirty bucks, though!

Left: Fish and chips and scones. Look how thick the hot chocolate is!

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