Thursday, May 15, 2008

Eye opening to Judaism and anti Zionism

I was fortunate enough to be acquainted to Rabbi Yishroel Dovid Weiss of Brooklynn, New York two days ago. He was accompanied by Rabbis Rosenberg and Cohen.

From left: Rabbis Weiss, Cohen, Rosenberg and yours truly

It was really an enlightenment experience. These orthodox Jews vehemently detest Zionism and the unlawful creation of the state of Israel, 60 years ago today. They consistently speak and even demonstrated against Zionism and Israel. However, non of the issues were ever published in any of the mainstream medias.

"Zionism is heretic and it is anti Judaism".

They felt that it was God's decree that the Jews were expelled from the Holyland 2,000 years ago, for their sins of impurities and they are not supposed to return to Jerusalem. However, Zionism fought for that and did atrocities to gain their objective.

Left: Rabbi Weiss showing the anti Zionism and Anti Israel campaigns and demonstrations, documented since the 1950s.

Rabbi Weiss also explained that Jews lived co-exist and complete harmony amongst the Muslims and Christians, for 1,300 years in various civilizations, namely Medina, Jerusalem, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and Spain. It was until Zionism came 100 years and all that changed.

I also had the opportunity to socialise with them. These gentlemen observe their Kosher very strictly. They only eat food that they are completely certain and confident being prepared according to Kosher laws. So, the usually bring their own food when they travel. They appreciate the hospitality that Asians offer them and often, had to reject the 'King's Meal' prepared in the honour.

Right: Rabbi Weiss. Note the anti Israel badge on his left chest

These learned men, who observe strict teachings of the Torah and Talmud also regard Reformed Judaism as adulteration to their religion, as they pick and choose what ever is convenient and suited them best and defied the rest.

I understand their religion much better and appreciate their detest of Zionism. Many people often made the mistake of equating orthodox Jews to Zionism.

Today is Nakba remembrance day. 60 years ago, a Haganah terrorist David Ben Gurion delcared the unlawful state of Israel and saw the Palestinians live in exodus. May God end their torture, suffering and allowed to return to their rightful homes, soon.


Mat Salo said...

Eh.. very interesting. Long time before you posted anything up here. Where were you 'acquainted' with them bro?

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