Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mukhriz won in Jerlun

My friend, Dato' Mukhriz Mahathir of UMNO-BN won the P005 Jerlun Parliamentary seat early Sunday morning, 9 March 2008 defeating Idris Ahmad of PAS by an increased majority to 2,205 votes. Jerlun saw a 81.95% voter turnout.

Left: Congratulating Mukhriz for his win @ SMK Air Hitam

Results were announced by the Returning Officer @ SMK Air Hitam on Sunday, 9 March 2008, 1230am.

I was in-and-out of Jerlun for 16 days, from pre-Nomination Day to the day after polling. We made Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad's home, Pondok Maharizan @ Titigajah, Alor Setar as Mukhriz's private office and operations room.

Right: The victorious Titigajah-team @ SMK Air Hitam

In The Enterprise, we had three notebook PCs, a Canon printer and one 3.5G PDA-phone and one GPRS PDA-Phone, which doubled up as modems, as we pumped up stories from the ground or send/receive e mails and faxes.

Saw so many actions during that time and I must say, it was a pleasant experience.

My blogger friends Ahiruddin "Rocky" Attan and Rusdi Mustapha dropped by.

Left: Rocky writting his story whilst in the phone with Mukhriz @ Titigajah

I was a dreadful and demanding sixteen days of my life. However, I enjoyed almost every minute of it. I made some new friends and strengthened old ones.

Right: Briefing Mukhriz @ Sekolah Melele on poliing day

Even though sixteen days is one hell of a long period to be away from the missus and daughter, we hardly had time to ourselves. To keep up with the campaign, we seemed to have very little time for anything. Decisions have to be made promptly and with no mistakes.

Left: Updating Tun Dr. Mahathir with some points, on polling day

Personally, I had to master the geography of Jerlun on-the-spot. Considering there is no major town within the Jerlun constituency, that makes it slightly tougher. Some of the places we went were not even marked on the GPS. Not even the roads.

Right: Attending Bernama interview with Tun Dr. Mahathir @ Titigajah

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad was in Jerlun to give support to Mukhriz. Of course, whenever he is present, people there want him to say something. Then media would also persistently hound him, almost as much as when he was still in office. I was also lucky enough be given the opportunity to brief and attend some of his media conferences and interviews with members of the media, which include foreign media.

Left: With Dato' Latt Shariman in Old Town White Coffee

I even had the opportunity to met an old sixth-form buddy. Also had tea with a seasoned political writer.

Many friends made effort to come all the way from Klang Valley, to show support for a friend in North West Kedah. One actually drove up from Johor Bahru. I had another Kedahan friend, who lives in Kuching offering to fly back and help, in Mukhriz's campaign.

Right: With Carolyn Hong of Straits Times @ Kemas, Kampung Imam

I can't complain about the food though. Although we spent considerable time eating at the Old Town White Coffee in Alor Setar and a famous night-only Nasi Kandar near the old hospital, we thoroughly enjoyed the food in Jerlun too. We had some really fresh ikan kembong rebus and it was good. One night, at one of stop overs at a BN operations tent in Kuala Kerpan, they served Laksa Kedah with thick fresh fishes. It was amazingly rich in flavour!

Left: Enjoying the serenity of Kuala Sanglang

Some of the places that took us in Jerlun is really nice and serene. Jerlun is spanned over a fishermen's community at the coast and rice farming communes in the interiors. Coupled with some imagination, creativity and entrepreneurialism, Jerlun could be a really great potential for eco-tourism sector for the domestic tourism industry.

Right: Saying goodbye to Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah, 'The Jerlun's Siti' @ Titigajah, the day-after

In the end, it was well worth it. If I had to do it again, I certainly would.

Tahniah, Yang Berhormat Dato' Mukhriz Mahathir


udeyismail said...

Congrat to Dato Mukhriz

Salahuddin said...

Tahniah Dato Mukhriz. Tapi perjuangan belum selesai kan?

hasyudeen said...

Looks like you have been working very hard, brother. Lepas pilihanraya kena kerja lagi kuat.

hasyudeen said...

Looks like you have been working very hard, brother. Lepas pilihanraya kena kerja lagi kuat.

hasyudeen said...

Looks like you have been working very hard, brother. Lepas pilihanraya kena kerja lagi kuat.

Zakhir's Zoo said...

Terima kasih

Yup, Perjuangan belum selesai. Mesti kerja lebih dan tunai pengharapan orang kepada kita.

Kita perlu bantuan semua pihak, terutama kawan kawan. Sudi kiranya membantu, dimana boleh dan selagi mampu.

Pancasara said...

I'm from Tunjang...a small cowboy town next to Jerlun. You must have passed through it on your way to Jerlun.

Been following you and your thoughts since the last two have my full respect and admiration.

Perjuangan memang belum selesai...cuma kena wat sesuatu dengan golongan-golongan muda...terutama pelajar IPT.

Banyak sangat yang dah kena rasuk anasir pembangkang, kalau tak diperbetulkan, tak mustahil satu hari nanti UMNO akan berkubur.

Teruskan berjuang...bro!

Zakhir's Zoo said...


Terima kasih.

Ya, Tuan memang betul. Perlu banyak dilakukan untuk mendekatkan diri kepada golongan muda, terutama anak Melayu dikawasan desa dan luar bandar.

Apa pun, Perjuangan Memang Belum Selesai dan tanggungjawab kita bersama, untuk menentukan Perjuangan itu diteruskan, demi kepentingan anak bangsa dan generasi akan datang.