Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kuya's wedding

This evening, I was invited to my good friend's sister's wedding. Tunku Azela "Kuya" Tunku Aziz, ended her single days by marrying Ruzaimi Sany, a bloke whom she met at an Uno club. It was held at Palace of the Golden Horses, Mines Resort City, Seri Kembangan, Selangor.

Its wonderful she is finally settled down. I have had the privilege to watch her grow from being a teenager in CBN, studying electrical engineering in Imperial College, London (when she, Badak, cousin Helmi talib and some other friends were living at Willesden Green), her days in Maxis and selling unit trusts, her humanitarian work in Mercy Malaysia and Yayasan Salam, and today, to a very fine lady as she is.

Left: Kuya at our table

I was cordially and conveniently invited by Kuya via her Facebook message. When I called Badak about it, he said it was a 'Baju Melayu' affair. Hence, how I was dressed Vs everyone else (mostly in Batik).

I rushed to pick Kenit up from her piano class in Phileo Damansara at 6.00pm to be at Seri Kembangan, by 6.30pm, as what the invitation stated. When we arrived at 6.45pm, the dinner will not start till about 2hours later and we loitered at the garden, where the "Garden Party" will be held, whilst cocktail were served.

At 7.30pm, it started raining. It was a heavy sudden downpour as it was very warm and sunny when we arrived. We saw the hotel staff, which include the Chefs, frantically tried to move to dinner party indoors. However, they were not wholesomely successful.

Right: Hotel workers franctically moving the dinner party under shades> Not the chefs also lend a helping hand

I was really sorry for Uncle Aziz and Aunty Fauziah, for this. The dismay was clearly portrayed on Tunku Azlan "Pokku @ Badak" Aziz's face.

So there was a bit of pandemonium to get the 'Plan B' of wedding started and follow through, though they don't actually have a 'Plan B' to start with. Finally, by 9.14pm, all guests present were managed to be seated and the regalia of the dinner begins.

It turned out alright, after all.

Later, as scheduled, my longtime buddy Tunku Azlan "Pokku @ Badak" Aziz gave a speech, on behalf of the family. He was being his usual self. He described his only sister, precisely and drew a lot of laughter.

Left: My friend, Ku Lan

"She studied electrical engineering in Imperial College but can't even change a plug!".

He bluntly explained his sister, within a short five minutes, which basically paint almost the whole picture of Kuya, as I personally known her all these years. It is very clear that he is very glad that Kuya finally settled down.

Kuya's wedding provided me opportunity to meet old chums, some whom I have not met in years. This include Azlina Sheikh Khalid, Maznita Mokhtar and hubby Kam and Hizmi and his missus. Also Kuya's and Badak's cousins Adnan and Ku Zai and their spouses, Nini and Suzanna.

Right: Kuya with Lina Sheikh Khalid and Girl-Girl

I am glad the wedding dinner turned out alright after all, despite the proximity of near absolute disaster. At 800pm, in the midst of heavy torrential downpour, I was personally too afraid to imagine how Kuya must have felt. God willing, Kuya, in her beautiful wedding frock and do, had her beautiful most important evening of her life, despite there was no bersanding.

This evening, the 'Princess' became the 'Queen'.

I hope Kuya and Sany, will have happiness and joy, ever after. Congratulations, "Aunty Princess" (as my daughter calls her, when she was four!)


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salam big bro, you may not like it but i've tagged you on a meme started by A Voice. hoep you're cool with it. check out my latest post. thanks, brother.

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