Friday, September 12, 2008

A working trip to Johor Bahru

I was up by 430am this morning. I made a working trip to Johor Bahru, via Malaysia Airlines 725am flight from KLIA to Sultan Ismail International, Johor Bahru.

My appointment was at 1000am, at the Sultan Ibrahim Building. It is the most iconic building the South of the Peninsular. I was awed at the 80 year old majestic building as I approached it. It perched on the Bukit Timbalan and houses the State Government of Johor.

Right: Infront of the west entrace

I took entered via the west entrance, to my meeting at the second floor, also on the west wing.

The meeting I had was amazingly fruitful.

Left: With B J

Later, I managed to catch up with my old Newcastle buddy, Mohd. Noorazam "B J" Osman. Being a senior JCS officer, on a Friday, he doned the traditional baju kurung Johor.

Right: Beyh Royale; Resembles a bottle of 12 year old, isn't it?

BJ gave me a bottle of the "national drink of Johor", Beyh Royale. It was first introduced to the court of Sultan Ibrahim, the grandfather of the current Sultan of Johor.

At 1145am, I was in another meeting, in a building across the street from Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim. That turned out to br very well too.

I will have another one late in the afternoon. I hope it will be good too. Anyhow, it was a good day indeed.

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